It’s getting colder outside and that means one thing… it’s indoor training time!

Months of fun and effective workouts are on the horizon. Start getting ready now with our A-Z list of training accessories! Actually, our list is arranged from Z to A instead because one of the most popular and revolutionary accessories starts with Z.

Z is for Zwift – Zwift is a subscription-based cycling program that has forever changed indoor training by providing real-time virtual competition with other riders around the world. Combine a ride-simulating system like Zwift with a smart trainer that automatically adjusts resistance like Wahoo’s KICKR, and you’ll have an immersive experience that feels like a real race.

Y is for Your Favorite Snack – When you’re burning through hundreds of calories an hour, you need to snack otherwise your body may shut down. If you’re feeling weak and hungry, it’s already too late – you’re in the dreaded state known as bonking! Bonking can be very dangerous and even lead to a coma. Avoid this by proactively snacking when riding for longer than an hour. If you’re cycling for weight loss, snacking during your ride will also help you control your hunger after working out. Our favorite snack – Honey Stinger Waffles because they provide a good combo of simple and complex carbs which provide a sustained burst of energy.

X is for X-Factor – Training is personal. Each person has a unique set of motivations. Ask other cyclists what works for them and experiment with a wide variety of inspirational music/entertainment/workouts to find out what works best for you.

W is for Wheels – Wheel-on trainers like the KICKR Snap are a fast and affordable way to get training right away, but if you use regular road tires, they may wear unevenly and cause annoying vibrations. If you’re planning on putting serious mileage on your trainer, get a tire that’s designed for use on a trainer. It’ll make your ride smoother and will also preserve your road tires for the road!

V is for Visual Media – Put up posters of your favorite cyclists!  Get your favorite motivational quotes or posters of races framed. Remember – the first step to having thighs like Peter Sagan is knowing what Peter Sagan’s thighs look like!

U is for Uphill – Add to your training experience by using an indoor grade simulator like Wahoo’s CLIMB and you’ll engage your body’s climbing muscles and be better prepared to tackle the hills the next time you’re out on a hilly ride.

T is for Television – Stay entertained as you cycle by hooking yourTV to your Zwift, FulGaz or Sufferfest account. Keep it about six feet in front of your front wheel and low down to keep you in a posture that stimulates your outdoors riding position.

S is for The Sufferfest – Use The Sufferfest if your goal is to train effectively and efficiently. With in app race footage and on screen prompts to encourage and at times make you laugh, The Sufferfest is a comprehensive indoor training tool. You can also check out their yoga and mental toughness training sessions as well.

R is for Racing Bibs – Show off your past races and medals by tastefully hanging them on your walls. They’ll remind you to keep working hard so you can achieve race-day glory.

Q is for Quality Saddle – One perk of training indoors is the weight of your accessories isn’t going to slow you down! Feel free to use a heavier seat and ride in comfort.

P is for Pump – If you’re using a wheel-on trainer like the KICKR SNAP, make sure your rear wheel is properly inflated. You typically lose about 10 psi per week and for every 10 psi lost you’ll lose 10 watts of power. Lose power and the quality of your workout will suffer.

O is for Online – Make sure you’re online so you can stream your media. If you’re training in a basement or garage that’s far away from your router, consider investing in a mesh network system to improve your signal.

N is for Net – While indoor training, you’re going to sweat a lot and that sweat has the power to melt metal over time. Protect your bike from corrosion with a sweat net. It’ll keep moisture away from the especially vulnerable parts of the stem where sweat often falls and prevent complete frame failure. 

M is for Mat – Don’t be the kind of person that crashes his or her bike while it’s stationary. Keep your trainer from sliding around with an extra grippy mat like Wahoo’s KICKR floormat. Thick and water-resistant, it will also protect your floor from sweat and reduce the noise radiating from your trainer.

L is for Lubricants – You may need some for your thighs and some for your bike. Chamois Butter for you, some Finish Line Ceramic Wax for your chain. Use thick, wax based lubricants for your bike and your chain will stay clean and dry.

K is for Kitchen Towel – It doesn’t have to actually come from the kitchen, but you are likely going to need a towel of some sort to mop up all the sweat, and kitchen ones do come in a great size for draping over the handlebars.

J is for Jersey – Dress for success by wearing the right apparel. To stay cool and dry, we recommend wearing a breathable mesh top that wicks sweat away from your skin.

I is for Information – Improve the quality of your workout by tracking your progress with a bike computer. Instantly upload your performance results to training apps by using one that’s WiFi enabled like Wahoo’s ELEMNT ROAM. ROAM also makes it easy to see your performance on the fly with color graphics and the Perfect View Zoom feature that controls the number of fields displayed with a couple of touches. 

H is for Heart Rate Monitor – One of the best ways to measure your effort is by keeping track of your heart rate, however traditional chest band heart monitors can be restrictive. Wahoo’s TICKR fit overcomes this with a less restrictive band that goes around your arm, keeping it out of the way and allowing you to breathe deeper as you push hard on a sprint.

G is for Gloves – Gloves will protect your bike while also protecting your skin. They’ll protect your skin from blistering on the handlebars and they’ll protect your handlebars by absorbing your corrosive sweat. 

F is for Fan – Don’t get sticky. Get a blower fan rather than a bladed fan to experience a more focused stream of air. Smart fans like the Wahoo Headwind will adjust to speed up when you speed up, creating lifelike wind. It won’t make you too cold at the beginning and it will still fully cool you when you speed up.

E is for Experimental Bike Fit – When you’re riding indoors, you’re less likely to change body positions while riding unless you are on the KICKR Smart BIKE or the using the KICKR CLIMB. This ultimately leads to more soreness after your ride. Encourage yourself to change body positions and saddle height to be more comfortable on your bike indoors.

D is for Desk – Cycling desks make your riding experience more enjoyable by giving you ready access to your entertainment controls. Set your laptop on it or use it for keeping your phone and remote controls nearby. They also allow you to keep your favorite snacks close without getting squashed in your pockets. Looking for the best desk? Consider Wahoo’s sturdy and adjustable option.

C is for Cycling Shorts – While riding indoors, you aren’t going to have as much time out of the saddle to give your loins a break, so proper protection becomes vital. Get shorts that are breathable and well-cushioned.

B is for Bottle – Keep at least two full bottles of water nearby while you’re cycling. You’re going to loose sweat by the liter. Replace it ASAP.

A is for App – Install the right apps on your phone and you’ll be able to control all your smart devices right from your saddle. If you have Wahoo sensors, a TICKR or a KICKR, you can control them all with the Wahoo Fitness App. 

Did you enjoy the list?  Did we miss any vital components? Check out all of Wahoo’s accessories and you’ll be ready for a winter full of indoor training.


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