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Workout Anywhere: 7 Tips For Staying Fit While On the Go

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For many of us, traveling is a time of indulgence. We will be the first to say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You deserve to enjoy yourself, whether you are traveling for business or vacation.

So we’re not going to tell you to stop (we won’t be stopping, either!). However, just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t be active. And being active doesn’t mean you’re compromising on your business ventures, losing part of your vacation or lessening your fun. It’s all about your approach: think of working out as a way to enhance your travels – or at the very least, something that will help you feel good during (and after) your time away.

But squeezing it all in can be a hassle – that is, unless you plan accordingly. Follow the seven tips below to stay fit on the go:


The trouble many of us face when it comes to working out while traveling is that we just don’t want to spend the time doing it. Luckily, to stay healthy and on track, you don’t need a lot of time or a lot of space. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts have been proven to be effective and can be done right in your hotel room and (perhaps most importantly) are super quick. Trust us, you’ll be drenched in sweat in no time at all. Try the Wahoo Fitness 7 Minute Workout app, which features a combo of cardio (hey, jumping jacks!) and strength training moves (squats, we love you!). And by using the TICKR X heart rate monitor in conjunction with the app, you’ll be able to ensure you’re working at your highest intensity (plus you won’t have to count your repetitions because really, who has the time?)


No one says you have to work out alone, and when you’re on vacation with the family or traveling with business associates, it’s OK to get a little creative with the type of exercises you do. So grab the family (or your friends) and go do some fun physical activity. Race each other on the beach. Go for a swim in the pool. Hike a nearby trail. Ice skate around the local pond. Challenge each other in the hotel gym. Whatever it is, pick something everyone will enjoy and turn it into a healthy adventure. Not only is this good physically for all involved, but getting everyone’s endorphins pumping lowers the chances of anyone having a mental breakdown, fighting or being grumpy. A real win-win, if you ask us!


When you’re away from home, your entire schedule can get off track. You wake up at different times. You go to bed at different times. Everything is much more relaxed – which is excellent – but it can also wreak havoc on your insides. If you keep your meals at around the same time, and don’t skip any, either, you’re less likely to overeat and less likely to get hangry.


Yes. We know. You’ve heard it dozens (hundreds?) of times before: water is important. But seriously. Drinking water is extra crucial when you’re traveling. For starters, air travel dehydrates you like crazy, and let’s be honest, so do road trips (after all no one wants to stop 12 times to pee). Dehydration can cause headaches, grumpiness and hunger. So before each and every meal, drink a glass of water. If you are visiting an area with questionable water quality, stick to the bottled stuff. When you’re hydrated, you have more energy, which means you’re more likely to be active, and you feel fuller, making you less likely to gorge on unnecessary temptations.


We’ve all heard the urban legend of the person that went on a weeklong vacation to Italy, ate and drank whatever they wanted (pasta, wine, gelato, oh my!) and came back home 10 pounds skinnier. Their secret? Walking everywhere. While this seems a little too good to be true, there is some truth in the power of walking. Mile per mile, walking burns as many calories as an easy run, and it’s obviously way better than sitting in a car or on a train. Plus, it’s a great way to explore the city you’re in! If you end up losing 10 pounds in a week while indulging, well, you’re a super human and congratulations.


You don’t need to eat salad but try and incorporate some type of vegetable – or fruit – into each and every meal. Have your breakfast omelet with spinach. Put some peppers on that pizza. Take the sautéed kale with your steak. By adding nutrient dense foods to breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll get full faster, have more flavorful meals and help your body stay balanced.


Workouts are different around the world so why not try a local class and potentially find a new exercise obsession? From belly dancing to tai chi to a super fancy acro-yoga studio, explore how the locals get their sweat on and then follow suit. Or if running is your jam, check out the local running store and find out when they have group runs. Same goes for those of you who love hiking or rock climbing. You’ll get to see your travel spot from a local angle and potentially make new friends who can help guide you to the best places.

Staying fit during travel doesn’t have to be a chore – in fact, it can actually be quite fun! Maximize your time and intensity with the TICKR X and the 7 Minute Workout app, then go on and explore everything else your destination has to offer.

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    Every exercise program should have a variety. You can change your exercises, goals and sets every month to keep you motivated and on the go.


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