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Why We Run: Motivation from Our Favorite Marathoners

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Running is one of the most invigorating actions we can take as humans. But why do we do it? Is it the pounding of our feet on the pavement, the steady breathing that fills our lungs, the drum of our hearts, the feeling of accomplishment upon reaching a new goal?

We decided to ask some of our favorite marathon runners why they run and how they find motivation. Here’s what they had to say!

Amanda Brooks – Run to the Finish

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Amanda is the author of Run to the Finish, and impressively runs more than 50 miles every week. She has completed multiple half marathons and marathons over the years. Here’s what Amanda said about running:

“For me, the biggest thing that gets me out the door is the feeling of pride I get for completing every single run. 1 mile, 10 miles, 26.2. None of it comes easy to me, and knowing that I’m choosing to show up makes me stand a little taller and take on hard things.”

Monica Olivas – Run Eat Repeat

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Monica, an RRCA certified Running Coach and ACE Personal trainer, started her blog back in 2010. Since then she has lost 20 pounds and run dozens of half marathons and marathons! Here’s what Monica had to say about finding motivation and running:

“I run because I love it. I think that’s the key to exercising – find something you like to do! I really love running so I don’t feel like I have to ‘make myself’ or drag myself to run. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks lately while I run. But if I want to go fast, I listen to anything from Nicki Minaj to Taylor Swift – basically anything upbeat and fun. Also, when I feel like I’m just going through the motions I sign up for a race. That keeps me motivated to work.”

Anne Mauney – fANNEtastic Food

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Anne started her blog in 2009 as a way to inspire people to lead happier, healthier lives. She is a registered dietitian, marathoner, yogi, CrossFitter and a lover of adventure. Here’s what Anne had to say about running and finding motivation:

“I run because it’s my social time — and my time to enjoy the great outdoors! I especially love early morning run dates – catching the sunrise with a good friend and getting to explore the city without many other people around is so cool. You feel like you own the town – and starting the day with a nice endorphin high can’t be beat. :)”

Toni Church – Running Loving Living

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Toni started her blog, Running Loving Living, in January of 2011 as a way to hold herself accountable during her half marathon training. Since then she has completed a half marathon as well as a full marathon. She is a mother, runner, wife, nurse and blogger, and she couldn’t be happier. Here’s what Toni had to say about running:

“I run for me.  Running has always been my sanctuary because no matter how I am feeling (happy, sad, angry etc.), running makes me feel better.  I am a better person because I run.  Life, in general, motivates me to run, but when I need an extra push I train for races.  Knowing that I have a goal race coming up gets me out the door for 90% of my training runs.  Most of my training runs are music free, but when I need an extra boost I love listening to the song “You’re the Best” from the karate kid, cliche I know.  The other thing that gets me out the door are my running friends.  I am motivated and inspired by them on every run!”

Jamie King – Fit Approach

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Jamie is the founder of Fit Approach, a fitness community that brings together more than 20,000 brands, businesses, professionals, influencers and community groups around a shared passion for active living. As an avid ultra-marathoner, Jamie has won several 50 mile, 50K and 100K races. She has also completed two 100 mile races. Here’s what Jamie had to say about running:

“When I’m having a tough day, I try to remind myself that not every run can be great and that I’ll feel better once I’m done. I tell myself to put one foot in front of the other – that it isn’t about my pace or distance, it’s just about forward progress – and that I just have to keep on moving. And the more I say that to myself, the easier the run becomes. While struggling through a run is hard, I know that struggle is how change happens and that the best time to make the most of a struggle is when it’s directly underfoot.”

As you can see, running isn’t just a hobby or a way to stay fit. It is a way of life, an escape, a way to challenge yourself beyond your own limits. It’s about being a Wahooligan. We would love to hear about what motivates our Wahooligans to get out there and run! Share your motivation stories in the comments or on our social channels (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/). We can’t wait to hear from you!

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