When it comes to creating the ultimate indoor training experience, the hardware is just one part of the equation. Athletes are spoiled for choice when it comes to training apps that integrate seamlessly with the Wahoo ecosystem. But if you’re a time-crunched endurance athlete looking for the most comprehensive, effective, and engaging training platform out there, look no further than The Sufferfest.

What Is The Sufferfest?

Despite the name, The Sufferfest isn’t about smashing yourself into oblivion. It’s a comprehensive training app that uses cutting-edge sports science and a holistic approach to help endurance athletes get stronger, faster and tougher, both on and off the bike.

The Sufferfest first made their mark in the indoor training space back in 2009 with a series of downloadable training videos that combined pro race footage, engaging storylines, killer soundtracks, and their signature brand of humor. They quickly gained a cult following, with self-described “Sufferlandrians” eagerly awaiting the release of each new workout. Since then the platform has evolved into a full-fledged app for iOS, macOS and Windows (Android and AppleTV coming soon) with a huge library of structured workouts, seamless connection to all of your fitness devices, and integration with 3rd party software like TrainingPeaks and Strava.

One App. Everything You Need to Beat Your Best

Getting fast isn’t just about training on the bike. To unlock your potential as an athlete and take your fitness to the next level you need a comprehensive approach. Your subscription to The Sufferfest also includes 41 Yoga for Cyclists videos, a 10-week Mental Toughness program, and Strength Training for Cyclists. Cycling-specific yoga sessions, strength training, and mental toughness exercises can be integrated into any of The Sufferfest’s 100+ training plans for road, triathlon, cyclocross and XC MTB.  You’ll get stronger, more flexible, more focused, and put more power to the pedals.

Four Does More: The Most Effective Workouts Available, Powered by 4DP

Other training apps base power targets just as a percentage of your sustained power (FTP). But cycling isn’t just about long, sustained efforts. It’s about attacks and surges, sprints and breakaways. It’s about being able to go hard, recover, and hit it again. Two people can have the exact same FTP but very different abilities when it comes to sprinting, attacking, or tackling punchy climbs. Power targets based just on your FTP can result in workouts that are either too easy or too difficult to produce the desired fitness gains.

The Sufferfest’s Four-Dimensional Power™️ platform (4DP™️) goes beyond FTP, using a comprehensive fitness test they call Full Frontal to measure how you produce power across four key durations. Based upon your results, the app identifies your Rider Type, generates your complete power profile, and maps all of the power targets in your workouts to the relevant metric. The result is truly personalized training that gives you exactly the stimulus you need to get faster.


Cutting-Edge Sports Science

Workouts and training plans are only as good as the coach who designs them and the sports science behind them. The SUF Science Division, led by world-renowned coach Neal Henderson, brings the most advanced sports science to every workout and training plan in The Sufferfest. Neal has trained dozens of national champions, world champions, World Tour pros and Olympians; including Rohan Dennis, Kasia Niewiadoma, Taylor Phinney, Flora Duffy, and Cam Dye—just to name a few. He also holds the distinction of having coached both Rohan Dennis and Evelyn Stevens to successful UCI world hour record attempts. This isn’t a game, this is cutting-edge sports science that gets results.

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