How to Wear a Heart Rate Monitor

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So after a few late night searches, you’ve come to the shared realization of so many athletes that Heart Rate Monitoring is actually really important. You know that HRM keeps you on track to your fitness goals, breaks workout plateaus, and fixes lapses in your training. You’re a HRM genius.
But when that Wahoo Fitness box arrives on your doorstep with that sleek new TICKR you just ordered inside… you hesitate.
Reality check: how the heck do you put this thing on?
We know the feeling. Which is why we’ve made this super simple guide to teach you how to properly wear your TICKR for running, cycling, or whatever else gets your heart pumping.

Step 1: The heart rate sensor is worn around your chest, just below chest muscles.
Step 2: Moisten the plastic electrode areas on the reverse side of the strap.
Step 3: Attach the TICKR to the strap on one side by snapping the strap to the connector. Adjust the strap length to fit tightly but comfortably around your chest.
Step 4: Tie the strap around your chest, just below the chest muscles, and snap the remaining side of the strap to the TICKR.
Step 5: Make sure that the smooth electrode areas on either side of the TICKR are moist. This will ensure a good connection and consistent signal.
Congrats! Now you can add ‘TICKR Expert’ to your arsenal of tricks. After your heart rate monitor is properly fastened, check out our go-to HRM guide, or try our 16-minute TICKR field test to improve your cycling performance.

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