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Wahoo Fitness Summer 2017 Recap

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We’ve been busy this summer. Really busy. Between tackling Colorado’s iconic gravel roads on the Haute Route, to rolling out the mind-bogglingly innovative KICKR CLIMB (our badass new gradient machine), we’ve raised the bar once again for cyclists.

Typically, we’d slow down for a beer right about now and call it a day, but we’re gearing up for an even bigger fall (plus, an off day isn’t in the workout plan this week). Nonetheless, here’s a recap of what we got into at Wahoo this summer season:

Cycling Experiences

First stop this summer was Mallorca, Spain; often called the “cyclist’s playground,” this colorful island boasts some of the best food you’ll find in Europe alongside some jaw-dropping landscapes. We packed light (just an ELEMNT), and our partners at Cyclist Menu did everything else. It was quite the journey.

Next on the map was Colorado to attempt the inaugural Haute Route Rockies. Our very own Matt Porter took on the challenge, taking along support from Mavic, Carmichael Training Systems, and cycling photographer Kevin Scott Batchelor. As a newly minted father, he faced some big obstacles balancing his training and family obligations. But, like any true Wahooligan, he persevered.

What’s next for our Wahooligans? We’ve sent Matt and his team to Europe to tackle the the Haute Route Alps.  Stay tuned for an in-depth recap from their trip!

Big Software Updates

There were also plenty of great things happening back at Wahoo HQ. Our engineers were tirelessly rolling out our newest updates to our ELEMNT bike computers — Planned Workouts and Live Track.

Planned Workouts

Planned Workouts are structured workouts (which are super important, by the way) that you can use as part of a larger scheduled training plan. We optimized the ELEMNT to automatically import TrainingPeaks workout plans and display them on the ELEMNT BOLT bike computer.

Live Track

Our updates to Live Track brought (and are bringing) serious peace of mind to Wahooligans and their partners. Real-time ride location and route updates including estimated time of arrival were made available to anyone you wanted to keep informed via a ride link.


Also, if you haven’t heard, we developed the world’s first smart grading machine. It’s the most immersive indoor cycling experience, and it pairs seamlessly into the Wahoo Fitness ecosystem. The CLIMB raises and lowers your bike angle from -10% up to +20%, depending on the terrain you are riding. You’ll never want to train without it again.

And what’s new with the KICKR? Well, we heartily improved the disc brake clearance, expanded usage to 12×142 Thru Axle bikes, and added 12×148 Thru Axle and KICKR CLIMB Compatibility to create our most robust smart trainer yet.

Finally, we got an inside look at how some of the best athletes train on their KICKR:

  1. Team Sky rider Tao Geoghegen gave us an inside look at the data of his training
  2. The nicest-racer-on-earth Pete “Thor” Morris shocked us with how intensely he trains with TrainerRoad and his KICKR (note: he does it give the fans “a good show”)
  3. We worked with Team Sky to produce 3 killer Planned Workouts for your KICKR. Ready the pain room!

Was the Summer of ’17 the best yet? Arguably. Will Fall of ’17 be just as great? No question. Stay tuned to our Facebook and blog for more on what’s to come at Wahoo Fitness!

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