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Wahoo Ambassador, Andrea, Runs the Leadville Trail 100 Part 1

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Leadville Trail 100 Run - Andrea

Running any number of miles is no easy feat. Running 100 miles is challenging. Add in the Colorado Rockies terrain with elevations ranging from 9,200 to 12,600 feet and that is extreme.

Wahoo TICKR X Ambassador, Andrea Carollo, ran in the 2015 Leadville Trail 100 Run on August 22 in Colorado. She trained with a TICKR X heart rate monitor for the 4 months leading up to this long-run and we had the chance to ask some questions about her training for the race:

Q: How have you been using the TICKR X in your training?

A: My favorite part about the TICKR X is its ability to gather data and store it without having a watch/iPhone nearby. I can easily download this data later from the TICKR X making heart rate training even easier. In preparation for the LT100 I incorporated a lot of cross-training activities into my training schedule. I love knowing my heart rate/calories burned and cadence (all captured on the TICKR X) during spin class. I also love knowing my heart rate/calories burned during swimming and barre/cardio barre classes.

Q: Do you feel like using the TICKR X has changed your training?

A: I dislike wearing a watch or carrying my iPhone when cross training so before I had a device which could independently track/record/store heart rate, I was unable to have heart rate data for many of my workouts. Having those missing pieces of my training data has helped me better plan nutrition and monitor training progress.

Q: Can you share some of your training plan with us? What does a typical training week look like?  

A: I have been following Hal Koerner’s 100 Mile Plan plus adding in additional strength training/stretch activities & cross training (swimming and biking). It isn’t realistic to try and run anything close to a 100 mile training run to prep for a 100 mile run. So, instead I trained back to back days with heavier mileage (20-30 mile training runs) to get my body used to running on “tired legs”. I ran often at night (which I actually LOVE) to prepare myself for the fact that I will be running in the dark during the race. I also put a big focus on nutrition during my training. An ultra is like a Vegas buffet in which you need to make sure that your body is sufficiently supplied with food/energy. I love VESPA products and try to follow the OFM diet.

Q: What are your favorite cross training activities?

A: In addition to swimming and biking (which I do to prep for Ironman Louisville in October), I take Barre classes (both traditional, cardio and stretching) at least 4 times a week and also use the Wahoo 7 Minute Workout app. I credit exercises such as planks with helping strengthen my core and exercises such as chair/wall-sit, squats and lunges with strengthening my glutes and thighs… all making me a stronger runner and less prone to injury.

Q: What was it like in the days leading up to the Leadville Trail 100 Run?

A: I arrived at “Basecamp” in Leadville on Tuesday. I was taking things easy and trying to adjust to the altitude. I was able to get a 7.5 mile run in on Wednesday with a mid-way stop to watch Stage 3 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge zip through Leadville near the Father Dyer campground site.

On Thursday I ran to town, enjoyed an amazing cup of coffee at my favorite mountain coffee spot and then I checked in! No medical weigh-in this year!

On Friday I attended the athlete briefing. In addition to being briefed on key details for the race, it was also an amazing pep rally. Ken and Marilee (the founders of the race) spoke and reminded us to “dig deep” during the race. Following the athlete briefing, my crew and pacers joined me to attend the crew and pacer meeting. This meeting informed them of specific rules they must follow and what roads they can not drive on. The course goes through extremely remote areas where there is either NO access or very limited access.

Q: Have you done a 100-mile run before?

A: LT100 was my first 100 miler! My furthest trail run has been the Black Canyon Ultra 100K in AZ in February 2015. I have run numerous marathons in 33 states thus far. There were so many incredible runners that stood at the start line with me on Saturday. It was very exciting to be a part of this event!

Q: Do you plan on running a marathon in all 50 US states?

A: Yes! I hope to complete all 50 states when I turn 40…. working on it little by little.

Q: What advice would you give to other people wanting to do a long run?  

A: Start increasing your miles slowly & listen to your body to avoid injury. The best part about long runs is being out on the trail. Enjoy this time to yourself.

How did Andrea do in the race? Check out Part 2 here – Wahoo Ambassador, Andrea, Runs the Leadville Trail 100 Part 2Leadville Trail 100 Run - Andrea

Andrea has participated in multiple races this year. Early 2015 she competed in the Mississippi Marathon and The Black Canyon Ultra 100k in Arizona. She did a “4 marathons in 5 days” trip in May where she ran the Vermont Shires Marathon, Pine Tree Marathon (ME), Red Island Marathon (RI) and Nutmeg Marathon (CT) and finally, she attended the LT100 Training Camp in Leadville, CO in June.

After the LT100 Run, she is race directing the 2nd annual charity 5K Race “Run on the Town” in Birmingham, MI (benefiting LLS & Hope for the Warriors) on September 12th and she will be competing at Ironman Louisville on October 11th.

The Leadville Trail 100 Run is a 50-mile (80km) trail out-and-back course that began in 1983. The course record is 15 hours and 42 minutes and the female record is 18 hours and 6 minutes.



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