Check it out! It’s the brand new Wahoo Kickr!! And Kickr Headwind. How cool is that?

Well, pretty cool seeing as that is what it does. The Kickr is a Direct Drive trainer meaning you take your rear wheel out and attach the bike straight onto the trainer. A key advantage of this over a traditional trainer where your rear wheel runs on a roller is that you avoid rear wheel slippage and the ride feel is far more realistic. The KICKR is also an open source smart trainer, meaning it is ideal for 3rd party apps like Zwift. Being a smart trainer, with a built-in power meter, the KICKR can automatically adjust the resistance you encounter depending on the workout or the virtual terrain you are riding – eg making it harder on hills! Now you might be looking at this and thinking it looks similar to the previous model. Well, the new KICKR has been updated. Firsty, the flywheel has been increased in size, giving the new KICKR an even more realistic ride feel. This also means that when you freewheel down a virtual descent the inertia from the large flywheel make it feel like you’re freewheeling on a normal road. And, the KICKR can now give resistance up to 2200 watts. I don’t know about you, but that is great news for me, the previous limit of 2000W just could not handle all the power I can put out…

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