You love cycling around your city. But be honest- do you bike the same roads all the time? If you’re bored of the usual routes, it’s time to maximize the potential of your Wahoo ELEMNT bike computer and the Strava app. Strava is the world’s largest route and trail resource and can be synced with your ELEMNT in seconds. Spice up your ride, in your city, or anywhere in the world, by utilizing all of the incredible features offered by Strava.

Build and Find Routes

Strava’s route builder does the tedious work of planning a new route for you- all you have to do is click. Start by clicking anywhere on the map as your beginning location, then click on key checkpoints you want to hit along the way- impressive vistas, favorite coffee shops, or breweries, whatever you want. Strava will fill in the blanks between checkpoints based on the most popular routes within its huge database of user-created rides.

Or, if you want to make even fewer decisions, peruse Strava’s treasure trove of routes and choose one that’s already been created in your very own city. The Global Heatmap feature will show you which routes have been ridden by the greatest number of cyclists. See a route you want to try? Star it and you’ll see it on your Wahoo device when it syncs with your phone.

Syncing to Your ELEMNT

On your Profile page in the Companion App select “Linked Accounts.”

    1. Choose Strava.
    2. Log in to authenticate. When your ELEMNT is connected to Wifi, the routes will automatically download.

If your ELEMNT is already authorized and synced to Strava, simply navigate to the map page on your ELEMNT and click Routes, and then click Sync. This will manually start the syncing process.

To select an already synced route simply navigate to the map page and click Route. Scroll to the route you want to ride then click Select. You also have the option of riding a route in reverse by clicking the Rev button once the route is chosen.

Live Segments

Now that you’re mixing things up, why not add a little friendly competition? Together, Wahoo and Strava bring you Live Segments, the most popular segments on a route, along which you can compete for the fastest time and become KOM/QOM (you even get a little crown by your name on the screen). If measuring yourself against others doesn’t hold much appeal, you can also set other goals for the segment, such as a PR.

Based on your location settings, your Wahoo device will notify you when a live segment is approaching, when it begins, and when it ends. Finally, it will notify you of whether you beat the time you were competing against or met your goal. You can opt-out of the live segment experience anytime by simply hitting the mute button.

Get Social

Motivate yourself by seeing your city through another rider’s eyes. Strava is the cyclist’s social network, where you can post routes, times, and photos. Find local buddies on Strava and use the platform to share cycling experiences within your city and cheer each other on. Stopping for a selfie may not earn you a PR, but it could inspire someone else to get on a bike and see that view for themselves. Let Strava help you uncover new routes and rediscover old favorites, all in the city you love.


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