Use Live Track to Update Your Friends & Family On Your Ride

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You’re getting towards the end of your ride, your stomach is letting you know it is past time for dinner. You begin to hope that your wife/husband/roommate/cat has dinner in the oven… Not to worry! With Wahoo’s Live Track feature, real-time location and ETA sharing is easier than ever. Not only can your loved ones track your rides to make sure you’re safe and see when you’ll be home, but you (and your coaches) can also compile tons of useful ride data.

We’ve recently updated this feature on all of our bike computers to make the sharing and tracking even more automatic and convenient. Never heard of this feature? We’ll walk you through what it is, how to utilize it and what we’ve changed to make it even better.

What is Live Track? Live Track from Wahoo Fitness lets you share your location in real-time, get in-depth route information, and receive ride statistics like speed, distance, power and cadence. The feature is meant to give cyclists a way to look back at past rides, coaches a way to track progress in real-time and loved ones a way to receive updates on your location and ETA.

Share Your Location. For those people in your life who want to be notified when you start a ride (wife, brother, sensei), you can provide an automatic notification. It’ll give them special access to your location anytime you start a ride. It’s a simple way to always stay in touch.

Sometimes you just want to share your ride tracking for the entire day – that’s easy too. A time-sensitive link can be created that will expire at the end of the day’s ride. People with this link will get all the information that Live Track provides, but just for a designated period of time. Perfect for a friend or for a special event you are riding.

Also, if you want to go off the grid, you can reset all of your Live Track links and redistribute with just a tap.

Real-time Statistics. Coaches will love the new performance metric tracking feature; when paired with the proper sensors, Live Track will share heart rate, speed, cadence and power. Your efforts are refreshed every ten seconds to give the most accurate analysis of the ride. Next time you’re struggling in the middle of a race, your coach, friend or loved one can track your stats and know when you need a quick “You’ve got this!!! Power through!” text alert.

Where They’ve Been (and Where They’re Going). One particularly special benefit of Live Track is the ability to explore a current route. If a route has been loaded into the ELEMNT, Live Track will show where you’ve been and where you’re going. Imagine that your family is planning a surprise birthday party for you; you don’t want to ruin the surprise. With this feature they are able to track you and can determine when you should be home so they know when to cut the lights and get the candles lit.

A Clean View of the Ride. Our design team has refreshed the way Live Track is displayed on desktop and mobile. In a completely redesigned web interface, you can track your friends and family simply and beautifully. The experience within the feature is easier to use and gives the data and information in a clear and succinct way that riders and non-riders will appreciate.

Live Track on the ELEMNT keeps you in touch with the ones who need to know. It’s a great way to to keep your friends and family informed of your location on a long ride. We’ve updated all of our bike computers, so whether you’re pedaling with your ELEMNT, ELEMNT BOLT, or ELEMNT MINI, as long as you’ve paired your computer with your phone, you’ll stay connected though Live Track.

Learn how to set up Live Track on your ELEMNT device, and share your experience with Live Track in the comments!

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