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#TourdeWahoo Moments: Week Two

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Here’s our second and final round of #TourdeWahoo moments! It has been a blast hearing from you over the past couple of weeks! Our Wahooligans are fantastic! Here are a few of our favorite tweets from this week.

@tazz1313, the moment between Meintjies and Quintana was intense!

Week 2 Tweet 1

We have to agree! Sagan’s Stage 16 sprint was epic! It should go down in cycling history.

Week 2 Tweet 2 Week 2 Tweet 3 Week 2 Tweet 6

@patrick_dunn, your wife sounds like a very smart lady!

Week 2 Tweet 4

The winner of this week’s #TourdeWahoo Moments is @patrick_dunn! We are sure your wife will be excited about your new bike desk and floormat! Congrats!

A huge thank you to all of the Wahooligans who participated in our #TourdeWahoo Moments! We hope you had fun watching the Tour de France, and we can’t wait for the Olympics!

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