Tips & Tricks For Using the ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer

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The Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer is packed with features that allow you to accomplish almost anything on your ride – from monitoring your heart rate to tracking down the closest coffee shop.

Learn what tips and tricks you should know in order to make the most of your new GPS unit. 

Tips & Tricks


“What zone am I am in?” Do you constantly ask yourself this about your heart rate or power? Set your LEDs to display what heart rate or power zone you are riding in by going to “LEDs & Sounds” in the ELEMNT Companion App settings.

Take Me Anywhere!

Need a route to get from point A to point B? The ELEMNT Bike Computer has a solution for that! Open the ELEMNT Companion App, select “Take me too” and search for the destination by entering an address or name. The app will generate a cycling optimized route to get you there. Then, the app will push this route automatically to your ELEMNT Bike Computer providing you with turn-by-turn cues and pop-up notifications.


Routes, routes, and more routes! In the ELEMNT Companion App go to “Routes” to:

  1. Create a route from your ride history.
  2. Authenticate automatic downloads of routes from Strava, RideWithGPS, Komoot, and Best Bike Split when you are in WiFi range or connected to your phone over Bluetooth.
  3. Download routes from your e-mail or file without ever plugging in the ELEMNT Bike Computer.
  4. As mentioned above, select the “Take Me To” feature.

A little extra: Once you have selected a route, say it is the Fondo you have been training for, you can even route to the start of the official route.


With navigation on your ELEMNT Bike Computer, you can choose to “Reverse Route” and the ELEMNT will route you counter-clockwise to your original route or mid-ride choose “Back To Start which will trace your steps back to where you came from.


Do Not Disturb! The ELEMNT Bike Computer is the most connected bike computer on the market but sometimes you just want to ride! Turn on “Do Not Disturb” to avoid getting call, text, and e-mail notifications.

Share It!

Link your favorite apps directly to the ELEMNT Companion App under “Linked Accounts” for your ride to automatically upload.


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