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Things You Might Not Know About the ELEMNT BOLT + Giveaway

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Our new bike computer, the ELEMNT BOLT, not only cuts through the wind faster than the leading competition, it also boasts a ton of options you may not know about.

5 Things you might not know about the BOLT

1) The Data Fields The BOLT has more than 170 data field options which means you are never without the data you are looking for. This includes power data, heart rate data and KICKR Power Trainer control. Did you know that it also has metrics like right and left leg power analysis and even gear selection when paired with an electronic group set?

2) The App Using the ELEMNT BOLT Companion app you can choose a destination, create a route and then push it immediately to your bike computer for turn-by-turn route navigation. This means when you and your buddies want to find a cafe stop or watering hole at the end of your ride, you can easily locate the perfect place with the ELEMNT BOLT Take Me Anywhere feature.

3) The Designer Did you know that we worked with Dimitris Katsanis, a leading expert in all things aerodynamic, to design the ELEMNT BOLT? He did extensive testing on the unit to determine what needed to be adjusted in order to make the most aerodynamic bike computer, period.

4) The Mount We included a small screw with the BOLT so that it can be attached to the computer mount making the BOLT a semi permanent addition to the bike. This accomplishes two things:

  • The bike can be weighed with the computer attached so as to meet UCI racing regulations.
  • When you stop at a cafe and leave your bike outside you no longer have to worry about someone clicking your bike computer off the mount. Security!

5) The Integrations Test out real-world rides virtually on the KICKR using the BOLT to control the route. Ironman bike course prep just got a lot easier.

Want an ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer? Enter to win our BOLT giveaway! 

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