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The 5th Floor Joins Wahoo Fitness

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We always enjoy meeting people who love cycling as much as we do, so when we met the guys and girls at The 5th Floor – a cycling and editorial collective based out of NYC – we liked them very much.

So much so that we agreed to work together for the 2016/17 season with the team using our products to help them explore out on the road, whether it be on a training ride in the Dolomites or hunting for podium finishes on the race circuits of NYC. …we even let them check out our brand spanking new GPS bike computer, the ELEMNT – here’s what they had to say:

“We’ve been riding and racing using the ELEMNT for a couple of months now and we’ve fallen in love. It’s so easy to use; quick to set up and access using your phone, crystal clear display and one button changes how much information is displayed – perfect for switching between a training ride and a crit race. The maps are great as well, automatically syncing with your Strava routes and really easy to follow. We can’t wait to carry on putting it to the test along with Wahoo’s other products.”


WahooX5th_05The 5th Floor is a cycling collective and team based out of London and New York.

At our core we’re a group of good friends, bound together by a passion for cycling and the culture which surrounds it. We ride and race in all disciplines – sharing our experiences alongside those which inspire us.

The 5th Store exists as a way of collaborating with bike-minded creatives. It provides us a way of sharing our identity and team culture, and every penny goes towards funding our future endeavors.

Watch this space and see what’s to come:

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