If you’ve just unboxed your new ELEMNT BOLT, or your curious about how simple it really is to set up any of our bike computers, Shane Miller’s breaking it down for you. From initial start up, to getting a phone call, here are 5 highlights from his unboxing video!


1. It is easy to do!

“A lot of people are making the switch from the Edge units over to the BOLT units… and I’ll show you how easy it is.”

2. Pair up to your smartphone in a snap.

“Open the ELEMNT app on our phone and use the camera there to pair. Simple.”

3. Find your favorite data points and add them!

“Head over to Settings, go to Customize Pages, and here’s where all the pages are customized within the app. Then you just run through the list of configurations.”

4. Tap to see your preferred metrics.

“Now that we’ve converted the Garmin Edge 820 over to the ELEMNT BOLT’s main screens — it’s very, very similar — but we also have that extra funky option of making things a little simpler or diving down now into the order of those shown.”

5. Phone calls, emails, and texts are easily received.

“What happens when your friends calls you halfway through a video? Happy day.”

Interested in making the switch to the ELEMNT BOLT? Learn about our entire line of bike computers, and read about how the BOLT simplified one rider’s life.

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