So where do you go as a cyclist living in NYC go to escape when life in the city just gets to be a little too much? When you need a break from the foot and car traffic. Where else is there outside of the hamster wheel laps of Prospect and Central Parks? When Donalrey Nieva got sick of the same ol’ loops and laps, he learned that there was more to New York than the city itself.

Donalrey discovered that all it took to find new roads, routes, and adventures was a train ride from Grand Central Station. He talked to others in the community to learn where to go ride, loaded the routes on his ELEMNT ROAM, and began to explore. Along the way, he found friends that were also looking to find an escape from New York.

“It was either find something new to explore New York, or leave” – Karen Yung

Some cyclists, like community ride leader Karen Yung, were eager to be more adventurous on new types of roads. Karen used these rides to challenge herself to be a better technical rider, learning how to comfortably ride on the rough and rocky singletrack of Upstate New York.

Others, like Lucia Deng, an avid racer, relied on the dirt and gravel roads as a break from criteriums and racing in general. The intensity of the atmosphere and energy in New York City is on another level, and the same goes for the bike racing in NYC. Lucia relies on these upstate rides to help clear her mind and find some peace and quiet.

“Breathe in fresh air and be away from the intensity that’s New York City” –

Lucia Deng

And though the reasons to want to explore the roads outside of the Concrete Jungle might be different for everyone, at the heart of it all, the passion to roam free is what matters most.

“There’s this whole other beautiful place outside the city” – Donalrey Nieva

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