2018 has gotten off to a crazy start with our biggest product launch ever! We launched not one, but three new products to make your indoor training more immersive, more challenging, and more fun. The new KICKR Smart Trainer is changing the game with a new, impressive ride feel, the KICKR CORE brings the same heat in a more compact design, and we couldn’t wait to put out the first fan designed for indoor cycling—the KICKR HEADWIND.

Let’s see what the cycling world is saying about these new additions:

New KICKR Smart Trainer

BICYCLING.COM: “Wahoo’s new trainer is so quiet you can ride it in a library.”

CYCLING WEEKLY: “Drastically reducing both the sound amplification and pitch make it a virtually silent trainer…ideal for those living in shared buildings or training at night.”

SHANE MILLER (GP LAMA): “The best just got better—and quieter.”

ROAD.CC: “Ideal for cyclists who live in flats and don’t want to upset the neighbors.”

KICKR CORE Smart Trainer

BICYCLING.COM: “One trainer to fit your entire fleet of bikes.”

CYCLING WEEKLY: “The new Wahoo KICKR Core uses KICKR’s existing flywheel technology, but this time in a more compact design.”

SHANE MILLER (GP LAMA): “Fills a gap Wahoo was missing.”


SHANE MILLER (GP LAMA): “Pretty impressive from first switch on.”

CYCLING WEEKLY: “The first purpose-built, fan designed specifically for the needs of indoor cyclists.”

ROAD.CC: “It might have seemed like a gimmick when it was first announced but after a closer look…the fan speed increasing in response to bigger efforts sounds properly useful.”

For more on each of these products, check out our blog, or see a list of the features on our site.

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