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Presidential Cycling Moments in History

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From beach cruising to breakfast commuting, presidents have been known to have a little fun on two wheels. Presidents are people to and we have yet to meet a person who does not enjoy a good bike ride from time t time.

With the Presidential Election just a few short weeks away we wanted to highlight some of our favorite POTUS cycling moments.

Bill & Hillary: POTUS, FLOTUS, & Bikes  

Via Politico

Oh, it’s always a good time with Bill and Hillary. Here they are on their beach cruisers circa 2012. Those ball caps, though! But the beach isn’t the only place Bill likes to ride his bike:

Via Vanity Fair

Here Bill is taking a leisurely cruise through the Old Executive Office of the White House back in 2000.

Obama: A Family Time Bike Rider


Obama is the first president to walk down a bike lane on inauguration day. These days, D.C. is getting a reputation for its love of cyclists. When he took office in 2009, D.C. wasn’t so bike friendly.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., goes for a bike ride with daughter Sasha in Chicago Sunday, June 8, 2008.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

How far we’ve come! When his girls were young, Obama could be spotted on his bike rocking that dad life.

Kerry the Wahooligan

Via Wall Street Journal

A lot of politicians are famous for coming off their bikes, but that’s not where John Kerry’s story ends. Kerry’s accident in Geneva made some headlines, but you know, injury happens. Kerry is more than some politician who fell off a bike one time. He’s a die-hard cyclist who knows a thing or two about going the distance. He has biked some of the most difficult passes in the Alps like the Col de la Colombière! Kerry has the kind of grit you need to be a real #Wahooligan.

Secretary of State John Kerry’s not the only official known for his love of fitness and biking. Former POTUS George W. Bush loves his mountain bike almost as much as his ranch in Crawford, Texas:

Bush’s Crawford Texas Mountain Bike Haven

Via Instagram @georgewbush

We all know George W. Bush loves his place out in Crawford, Texas. But Bush’s ranch isn’t just a retreat from the outside world. It’s a great place for some gnarly mountain biking. Bush has done a lot of good for veterans through his love of biking. Bush’s W100K, the Warrior 100K is a mountain bike ride for wounded warriors from America’s military.

While “W” certainly has his own kind of cycling swagger, he can’t top Ronald Reagan in cool points:

Young Ronald Reagan

Via The Bicycle Story

Sometimes riding a bike can be about looking good. Point in case– Ronald Reagan Here’s a pre-presidential Ronnie Reagan cruising with his first wife and his cool hipster pipe. But, does the man make the bike, or does the bike make the man?

Jimmy Carter’s Radiant Cadence

Via The Bicycle Story

Former President Jimmy Carter looking so crisp and so clean manages to pull off cycling with panache. A former Georgia peanut farmer, Carter’s no hayseed! As a matter of fact, the very practical Carter loves to ride his spiffy little bike up to his favorite breakfast joint in Plains, Georgia to start his day right.

We’re still waiting to see a president training hard on a KICKR, but it’s no long shot Maybe the next POTUS could use one for those long days in the Oval Office!


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