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“The bike is an incredible tool, you just have to look at it differently. The world is full of interesting stories, amazing characters, unbelievable landscapes and incredible experiences. From your backyard to the antipode they are in abundance, all you have to do to see them is change the way you look. This is Outskirts, a way of looking at things differently, thinking differently about sport, about people, about places, about the world. Outskirts is going places you normally wouldn’t, getting to know people you’d never normally speak to and pushing yourself in ways you didn’t think you wanted to…”

Gus Morten

– 4 riders

– 2187km (1282 miles)

– From Labrador to North Sydney

– 15 days – 95km average

– 60% gravel 40% road

The Trans-Labrador Highway is one of the longest, most remote gravel roads in the world. Four riders set out on an adventure ride that is not just about covering the 2,187 kilometers road but one that gives them a deeper connection with each other and further connects the riders with the land and the people that inhabit the small towns and villages that spot the remote landscape. The landscape is vast and widely inhospitable but each rider finds motivation and even joy from the remoteness, the local inhabitant’s personalities and the camaraderie between the friends new and old.



Outskirts II: The Big Land

“Never have I met a group of people as open, warm and welcoming at the Labradorians. And, once again, I feel so lucky to be able to pedal my bike and see the world in slow motion – and spend time getting to know people in the best way I know how.”

Dan Craven

Watch the full film here:

Outskirts: Route 66

The crew takes on the legendary Route 66 in the United States covering 2,400 miles starting in Chicago and ending in Los Angeles. A vision of Americana that harkens back to a bye gone era of Elvis Pressley and roadside diners.

Watch the full film here:


The Outskirts crew used the ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computers to

navigate and capture ride data during their time on the road.

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