So often in our sport, the roads we ride are lost beyond our bars and beneath our wheels. They are our playgrounds, the scenes of our battles and settings for our journeys – loved or despised for the routes they cut and the memories they create. But for all they give, they are overlooked as a character in the stories of cycling.

If we were less concerned with the destination, who would we meet along the way, what communities would we discover, and how much more enjoyable would our riding be? If the play, the battle, the journey, was exchanged for the simple desire to explore the roads around us, what would we find?

Each Thereabouts journey starts with that question, “what would we find?” The Shadow of the East reunites brothers Gus and Lachlan Morton for another on-screen adventure located in Eastern Europe. The duo is joined by former pro cyclist and Eurosport commentator Juan Antonio Flecha who just could not miss the opportunity to explore something out of ordinary. The driving question “what would we find” is the core value force behind each pedal stroke, each climb, each town and each change of destination.

Wahoo supported the Outskirts series of films with the ELEMNT and the BOLT GPS Bike Computers. The navigation needed for these adventures required a bike computer with long battery life and precise GPS navigation.

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