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Optimize Your Ride with the ELEMNT MINI Bike Computer

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Isn’t riding all about the escape? Your time on your bike should be freeing; it’s a gift exclusive to those adventurous enough to hit the road. So if your bike computer isn’t the perfect wingman — getting you on the road quickly and easily – you’re missing the point.

But what makes a bike computer a “partner”? Simplicity. As Chip Hawkins, Wahoo’s CEO and Founder, said:

“Using a bike computer shouldn’t be the hardest part of your ride.”

That’s where the Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT MINI shines; It’s a grab-and-go bike computer for those Sunday morning sprints and quick gastropub runs. While it’s still heavy on features, it’s insanely easy to pair and get started.

So how do you get the most out of your ELEMNT MINI? Here are six ways to optimize your new bike computer out of the box.

Download, Pair, and Configure. Getting a new bike computer is exciting, so personalizing it shouldn’t be a buzzkill. Simply download the companion app from your favorite app store and set it up exactly as you’d like (in just a few taps). It will automatically update your selections on your bike computer and you’ll be on the road in record time.

One-Touch Sensor Pairing. All Wahoo Fitness speed, cadence, and heart rate sensors pair with your ELEMNT MINI. It’s super-simple one-touch pairing. Then put your important metrics front-and-center on the screen with 1-3 data field customization options. See what you want to see, when you want to see it.

No Phone? No Problem. Go off the grid, but stay plugged in to your important workout metrics. Your ELEMNT MINI already includes an RPM Speed Sensor to get your speed, distance, and ride time. You can also pair your Wahoo Fitness TICKR HR or RPM Cadence Sensor, smartphone-free. Just like every ride, you’ll get a stats summary at the end to see how you did.

Unlock Enhanced Features in Phone Mode:

Get Your Notifications. “Hey, we made a left at the fork. See you at the top of the hill.” Stay in the loop with friends. Call or text pop-up notifications keep you informed, and the new Live Track feature will let you see where your friends are currently riding in just a glance.

Live Track Your Friends. Once you’ve created a Wahoo Fitness cloud account, you can send a custom link to your friends to share your location throughout your rides (for just the day or, if they’re really special, indefinitely). It’ll update on the web-based portal and keep them informed when you hop on and turn on your ELEMNT MINI. Random taco truck meet-ups (and reassured loved ones) await!

Automatically Link Up to 3rd-Party Apps. Post workouts are made for beers, not data-fumbling. The ELEMNT MINI will keep track of your route and elevation and auto-upload that data to your favorite mapping accounts like Strava, Ride with GPS, and Training Peaks. So you get to enjoy all of the freedom of a ride without the post-workout responsibilities.

Don’t be fooled by the name – the ELEMNT MINI is a big competitor. Wahoo Fitness has built a bike computer for every rider’s needs, and the ELEMNT MINI is the perfect partner for those breaking into cycling or just wanting a quick ride-and-go bike computer (more on that here).

See how the ELEMNT MINI compares to some of our other bike computers, and let us know why you love your ELEMNT MINI in the comments!

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  1. JacquesD

    May 22, 2018 at 7:05 am

    Loving my Wahoo mini, easy to setup and use, shame there is no backlight for the early morning starts when still dark. Uploading to Strava is quick and easy but the route cycled does not show on Strava even tho the mini is paired with my iPhone and shows connected. All other stats upload to Strava besides the route cycled.


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