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Once a Runner Now a Rider

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The Zwift Academy provides the opportunity for women cyclists to develop their fitness, connect with other riders and one person will ride off into the sun with a pro contract with Canyon//SRAM Racing.
These women are mothers, daughters, students, entrepreneurs, dreamers and athletes. Each persons history develops their perspective on challenges and their ability to overcome and strive for excellence. This is what we are interested in, the story of overcoming, challenging the status quo and reaching new heights in personal development. Every athlete that has taken on a challenge understands and can relate with the difficulty to achieve greatness. Along with Canyon//SRAM Racing and Zwift, we have given our support by equipping each of the twelve semi- finalists with the SNAP Power Trainer as well as a trainer mat. We thought it was only fitting to have the Academy participants on the same professional grade product as Canyon//SRAM.
We caught up with Academy rider Bel Flint a mother of two to get her take on training, juggling family activities and the Zwift Academy.
How did you become interested in riding?
“I was a marathon runner but in 2012 I had to have a hysterectomy and was unable to get back to running during the recovery time.
I was driving my family insane with not being able to run.
When riding was suggested as a low impact option I decided to give it a go.  I bought a hybrid bike, because I was only going to ride until I could get back to running.  I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would, so I bought a road bike. I kept riding and didn’t go back to running.”
What is your favorite thing about riding a bike?  
“I love that riding a bike is not limited by age, ability or experience.  Riding is so variable; it is something that you can enjoy by yourself, or socially in a group or competitively in a race.  Most of all I love that riding is something I can do with all the members of my family. I can ride with my dad who is 68 and his friends, my husband and my teenage children.”  
“There are few other sports where people of all ages can be involved together.”
What prompted you start using an indoor trainer?  
“I crashed on a descent during a road race in May, hitting my face on a guide post.  I split my nose open and needed 13 stitches.  After this, my nose was too sensitive to ride outdoors in the frosty Tassie (Tasmanian) winter. We bought an indoor trainer to give me a training option through the winter.
How do you manage the everyday activities of family, work and social time with your training?

“I am married, have two busy teenagers and work full time as an Early Intervention teacher.  It is a balancing act of well co-ordinated timetables to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to do the activities that they want to.  My husband and I ride together when we get the chance, but often my training happens early in the morning or later in the evening when it least impacts the rest of my family.”

Wahoo is proud to support all of the semi- finalists of the Zwift Academy.  Check back for more Academy rider check- ins as we roll closer and closer to the finals.

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