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No Excuses: A Haute Route Alps Story

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How did you get into cycling? Was it the freedom to explore new heights or the adrenaline of the workout that drove you into obsession? For Chad Moore, Global Marketing Manager for Mavic, the whole experience around cycling was magnetic.

From the first moment he started riding, he found an instant attraction. But as job responsibilities began to absorb all his free time, he found less and less time to ride.

This year, however, he made a decision to get back to his primal passion. He chose the beautifully daunting Haute Route Alps as his comeback setting, and he got to work.

Here is his attempt of the Haute Route Alps.

Chad’s Story:

Cycling was one of the first things in life which captured my full attention. Like countless others, I let cycling define who I was and what I did in life. Part of that was choosing a career in cycling. Now, twenty-three years later, I am still at it. The cruel irony in choosing this path is that when you work in the cycling industry, it is nearly impossible to find enough time to pursue your passion in a way that satiates your desires. We joke about it, but deep down something is missing.

I wanted to prove to myself, and hopefully inspire others, that it was possible to actually do one of the things that we dream about. Cast aside the stereotypes of working in the industry and not just sign up for something big … but see it through no matter what.

The Haute Route events are touted as being the “Highest and Toughest Cyclosportives in the World.” In a recent documentary, it was described as the closest you can get to knowing what it is like to race the Tour de France without being a pro cyclist. That seemed like a pretty decent challenge.

Really though, the seven days wouldn’t be the real challenge. It was really how to organize myself to be ready. Do the work to prepare (while balancing life) and have a life-defining week with friends in the French Alps. Hell, maybe even end up building a mind-set to take something on, like the Haute Route, every year.

Interested in more Haute Route challenges like Chad attempted here? Check out our own Matt Porter’s attempt from the Haute Route Rockies earlier this year! Still want more? Stay tuned for our Haute Route Alps video, soon to be released.

The Haute Route Rockies and the Haute Route Alps was ridden using the ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer and prepared for using the KICKR Indoor Trainer.

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