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The New KICKR: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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The future is here.

Whether you’ve upgraded to “smart” everything (or if you’re still convinced your toaster is spying on you), the fact is we’ve made big strides with technology. We’ve moved past just having “neat gadgets” to building entire technological systems in our homes. We like to call these interconnected products a digital “ecosystem.”

But it’s not just your house or your phone getting the “ecosystem” treatment — cycling is too. The KICKR, our smart trainer, is on the forefront of the smart movement, melding ingenious technology with robust mechanical engineering.

But just how smart is the new KICKR? We’ve broken down a few reasons why the KICKR should become the central brain of your next pain cave ecosystem.

It pairs in a BOLT.

Your KICKR won’t miss a thing. Using ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart technology, the KICKR will pair instantly with smartphones and GPS devices. So plugging into your favorite route on Planned Workouts or TrainerRoad is a breeze. Plus, we’ve opened up the system to work with any FE-C enabled device or application — that means your favorite bike computer, like the ELEMNT BOLT, will stay connected at all times.

Beyond software enhancements, the new KICKR’s got new 12×142 and 12×148 thru axle compatibility, a standard 130/135mm quick release, and improved disc brake clearance, which means it can handle whatever two-wheeled beast you prefer to mount. Also, the new KICKR is constructed with robust steel making it capable of handling years of lung busting watts.

It’s made for the next big thing.

2017 brought a lot of interesting cycling products, but none quite as unique as the CLIMB. This master immersion machine was built for the rider who wanted more from their indoor training — more control, more training styles, more fun. The CLIMB offers riders a brand new way to train indoors. Gone are the days of artificial resistance and indoor training monotony.

One of the standout enhancements that the CLIMB brings to the smart training ecosystem is its ability to recreate any outdoor ride, indoors. Using your KICKR with the CLIMB and the virtual world of Zwift or a downloaded route to your ELEMNT, you’ll experience a near perfect recreation of your route. It modulate your front wheel’s angle in real-time as your progress through the course and you’ll be engaging muscles in ways you could previously only experience outdoors. Which means that the next time you hit the (actual) pavement, you’ll be better prepared for those bludgeoning hills. It’s become an crucial piece to every dedicated cyclist’s ecosystem.

This new technology required an equally impressive smart trainer, so we built the CLIMB with the new KICKR specifically in mind. With the new KICKR, you’re ready for the CLIMB’s release (and any crazy new tech we come out with next year).

The industry is raving about it.

We stirred up some serious excitement when we released the new KICKR + the CLIMB. As DC Rainmaker reviewed, it’s “the future of where interactive trainers are headed.” Cycling Weekly noted it’s pushing the “boundaries of indoor cycling technology.” Cyclist.co.uk called it “the best thing since sliced bread.”

The KICKR is the ideal machine to move you into the next generation of cycling, and with the CLIMB at the helm, your pain cave will get a whole lot more exciting.

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