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Why the New KICKR is the Best Indoor Trainer for Zwift

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When it comes to “pain caves,” most cyclists have the same perspective: we love to hate them (after all, they’re essentially torture chambers we build for ourselves).

But as gaming and virtual reality technology progresses, pain caves are becoming more — dare we say — fun. Zwift integration with smart trainers like the KICKR are helping cyclists across the globe pedal farther and harder. It’s opened up a whole new avenue for social cyclists who otherwise couldn’t ride with friends.

Why Zwift is a Game-Changer

There’s many reasons why cyclists love Zwift. Namely, it solves a lot of the problems that cyclists face while training indoors.

For example, cycling over large amounts of time in a blank room can get monotonous. Maybe even make you feel a little insane at times. Zwift immerses riders in virtual utopias, complete with mountains, beaches, towns, and forests. We can’t say you won’t notice your legs burning as you push through the virtual hills, but it’s definitely better while looking at the beautiful landscapes of Watopia.

Riding with friends (or competitors) is also infinitely more fun. Where riding outdoors with a group requires some calculated organization, racing with hundreds of friends with Zwift is as easy as hopping on your KICKR and turning on the program. See how Zwift works in the video below:


The KICKR offers the best real ride-feel of any smart trainer on the market, so it only made sense to pair up with a program as immersive as the Zwift. Nothing comes as close to cycling outdoors, indoors, like Zwift + KICKR.

While we’ve always had a seamless ride with the Zwift, our new introduction of the CLIMB this year now offers an unparalleled training experience with real-time elevation. As you ride, the CLIMB modulates the angle of your bike from -10% up to +20%. So yes — you’ll be pedaling through hills in the exact same angle as you would be as if you were outside.

The newest edition of our KICKR pairs directly with your CLIMB, and both machines pair directly to Zwift — which means you’re on the road in just seconds. It’s that real-world feel and crazy tech that keeps cyclists glued to their smart trainer. That means more miles, stronger workouts, and a whole lot more fun.

The Next Generation of Smart Training

So what’s next for indoor training? We’re always working on adjustments and finding new ways to enhance indoor cycling (the KICKR CLIMB being one of those). The newest iteration of the KICKR is our most adaptable version yet, and with the cycling community’s help, we’re learning more and more about what riders love (to hate) in a pain cave.

As Zwift introduces new ways to absorb us into their virtual world, we’ll find new ways to ride it. If you’re interested in learning more about the Zwift, check out our perfect Zwift set up. Or if you’re interested in the CLIMB, you can sign up for email notifications; you’ll be the first to know when we start shipping these badass new products.

Stay tuned to our blog for more on KICKR, KICKR CLIMB, and Zwift integration!

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