3 Must-Try Team Sky KICKR Planned Workouts

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A lot can be learned from Team Sky’s training sessions; they’re intense, which is to be expected, but not for the singular reason to be difficult. They’re also obsessively calculated. These professional riders are put through training to simulate the racing conditions they will face including climbing and sprinting.

To become a better cyclist, we can take these sessions and apply them to our own workouts. We got an inside look from Team Sky at some of the training they regularly use to prepare, broke them down for you, and (bonus!) you can attempt them yourself using Planned Workouts on your ELEMNT.

So grab your bike, your Wahoo ELEMNT, and your KICKR, and see how you fare in Team Sky’s KICKR Climbing, Sprinting, and Mix sessions.

Team Sky Climbing Session – KICKR Workout (55’)

Hill climbing is an important part of any riders training program. Even sprinters
need to be able to get over the mountains and can be faced with elevation gains of
up to 5,000ft and some of tough mountain top finishes. Training for climbs can be
difficult, especially if you haven’t got any mountains on your doorstep. Each climb
is different, and this session is designed to get the most out of an hour, and
simulates some of the challenges your body will face on the road.

  1. 8’ warm up in high Z1
  2. 12’ climb Spiked Z3 (10’’ spike every 3’)
  3. 6’ Recovery in Z1
  4. 2×9’ climb (3’ Z3 + 3’ Z4 + 3’ Z3), between climbs 6’ recovery
  5. 5’ easy cool down in Z1

Team Sky Sprinting Session – KICKR Workout (45’)

Typically, sprinters have the ability to output an impressive amount of power over
short bursts which enables them to hit the highest speeds at the most crucial time
during a race. Training for this can be both fun and challenging at the same time,
and without a coached training plan, indoor training can be a great way to help
condition your body to hit those top speeds. This session is designed with cadence
and resistance in mind and focuses on short bursts of effort to maximize the
amount power generated. Make the most of the recovery time, but try and keep a
consistent pace and aim to increase your recovery pace overtime to improve

  1. 10’ warm up in high Z1
  2. 12’ Low cadence Sprints (6x 10’’ Max Sprint on the saddle with high resistance
    and low cadence, starting 30rpm + 1’50’’ recovery time between efforts)
  3. 5’ easy spin
  4. 12’ High cadence Sprints (6x 10’’ Max Sprint off the saddle with lower resistance
    and high cadence120-130rpm+ 1’50’’ recovery time between efforts)
  5. 6’ Cool down in Z1

Team Sky Mixed Session – KICKR Workout (50’)

Most rides will throw a number of different challenges at you so it’s always good to
keep your body guessing, and indoor training offers a great tool to support this
theory as you can condense different challenges into shorter session. If you have
50mins to kill and you are looking for a fun session with the objective of improving
general fitness, you should give this mix-up session a go.

  1. 10’ warm up in high Z1
  2. 10’ in Z3 (5’ low cadence 50rpm + 5’ high cadence 100rpm)
  3. 5’ recovery
  4. 2×6’ (30’’ 20W over FTP + 30’’ 20W Under FTP) with 8’ recovery between efforts.
  5. 5’ easy cool down in Z1

For those who tried these Planned Workout sessions, we would love to hear how they went! Let us know in the comments, and learn more about how Team Sky integrates the KICKR into their training routine.


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