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Music That Motivates: Sean Sako

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A steady beat. An inspirational lyric. A ripping guitar solo. Athletes have long known what science is now confirming: music motivates us to go harder, faster, longer, and over the finish line. Wahooligans, we know that music is part of what fuels you to slay each workout. Now, with our monthly Spotify playlist series, we’re delivering expertly-curated motivational playlists compiled by athletes, DJs, and others who ought to know.

This month, cycling apparel designer and #sockdoping founder Sean Sako shares some of his go-to motivational jams and talks about the critical role music plays in cycling.

Sean Sako:

Sean Sako built his cycling apparel empire, SaK07, around his unique personal style, so it’s no surprise that he takes the same approach to his riding playlist. “I think music, of course, is a very personal choice,” Sako says. “The lyrics should be emotive and trigger something from within.”

Sako favors music in the rock genre to get motivated and stay that way during a ride. “A good rock beat helps very much with a good tempo and cadence, especially for warming up. Your cadence becomes a part of that rhythm or beat.”

Rock or otherwise, intensity is what Sako needs in a song. “It has to get the heart rate up and have some aggression to it. The more intense the lyrics or the beat, the more intense the workout.”

After all, a workout playlist is meant to do one thing: motivate. “Let’s face it, this is not about a leisurely Sunday ride,” Sako says. “It’s a WORKOUT!”

To find out more about the songs and artists that light Sean Sako’s fire, check out his Spotify playlist below.

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