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Motivational Music: Driving Beats for Cycling Sprints

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This month’s expertly-curated Spotify playlist Urban Electronica was made with the urban cyclist in mind, blending experimental electronica with cool trap, futuristic R&B, and classic house stylings.

So sit back in the saddle and pump up your pedaling to EDM’s finest. The infectious beats of Calvin Harris, Alesso, and BONNIE X CLYDE inject the start of your ride with just the right amount of energy, with melodies that’ll send you into a hypnotic state after just a few bars, and a bassline that’ll drop right when you need it.

Calvin Harris and Alesso kick off the ride with lyrics that make you feel like “A lone fool out in the sun.” But remind you that your heartbeat is solid gold, and you’re under control. A progressive house song that’s thick with a touch of a dance beat.

Once you start riding high on endorphins, R3HAB’s song “Strong” kicks into gear with their elevation-inducing lyrics, “You keep on taking me higher. Taking me higher. I can’t come down.” pushing your ride to perhaps literal new heights.

From there, BONNIE X CLYDE’s hit “Bass Jam” has you telling yourself “Imma let the bass take me away. Take me to a place away from here.” Their unique blend of vocally-driven bass provides a seamless mix of powerful vocals and heavy production, with melodic verses building into a drop you can’t help but dance to.

But we don’t just want the bass to drop. We want the pace to drop near the end of your ride, so you’ll get hit with RKCB’s song “Daydreaming.” Their repetitive lyrics “Daydreaming. Deep breathing. Losing all control. Realign me.” almost guide your body into a meditative cooldown.

Check out the full playlist below if you’re ready to amp up your ride. We’ll be right there with you!

Did we leave your go-to workout track off the playlist? Leave your track suggestions in the comments below.

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