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Motivational Music: Chris Hall

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A steady beat. An inspirational lyric. A ripping guitar solo. Athletes have long known what science is now confirming: music motivates us to go harder, faster, longer, and over the finish line. Wahooligans, we know that music is part of what fuels you to slay each workout. Now, with our monthly Spotify playlist series, we’re delivering expertly-curated motivational playlists compiled by athletes, DJs, and others who ought to know.

This month, cyclist-for-a-cause Chris Hall gives us insight into which songs helped him complete his 107 For 107 Challenge to raise awareness for Pace, a school for students with motor disorders.

Riding 107 kilometers every day for 107 days, during the winter, in England, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for cyclist Chris Hall, benefiting the 107 students at Pace was well worth the effort. In the midst of this grueling, but gratifying challenge, Hall counted on music to help get him through the daily grind.

For Hall, music from his past often provides the motivation he needs to move forward. Songs from Canadian musician City and Color, aka Dallas Green, take Hall back to his childhood. “Green, formerly of the band Alexisonfire, mixed it up with a much more acoustic vibe and it’s always a winner to listen to when I head off exploring on my own,” Hall says.

The Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro has been a favorite of Hall’s since he first saw them at the age of 16, and is a reliable source of energy. “I love the fast pace of their tracks; the great riffs and mix from more heavy (their earlier stuff) to some softer songs in their more recent work. I have also been told I look like Simon Neil (the singer) loads.”

Hall also favors lesser known British bands like Frightened Rabbit and Royal Blood which remind him of his days as a student in Brighton. “I used to watch Frightened Rabbit perform in a pub in Brighton when I was a student,” Hall remembers.

But, sometimes it’s more about the memory than the song itself, which is why Hall listens to “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. “I remember seeing a video of a guy singing this song and filming people’s reactions. It was one of the funniest videos I have EVER seen and listening to this song makes me laugh because of that.”

Motivational music isn’t all about nostalgia for Hall, however. He also keeps beat-heavy, heart-thumping standards like AC/DC’s “Back in Black” in his music arsenal. “This is always my go-to song when I have a hard indoor session to do. It gets my head ready for a bit of pain on the session I have planned.” Sia’s “Chandelier” is also a mainstay for Hall: “It’s got a great beat and positive vibe to keep me smiling on those long training days if I am out on my own.”

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