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Motivational Music: the 5th Floor

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A steady beat. An inspirational lyric. A ripping guitar solo. Athletes have long known what science is now confirming: music motivates us to go harder, faster, longer, and over the finish line. Wahooligans, we know that music is part of what fuels you to slay each workout. Now, with our monthly Spotify playlist series, we’re delivering expertly-curated motivational playlists compiled by athletes, DJs, and others who ought to know.

This month, a group of cyclists and good friends based out of London and New York called The 5th Floor share their go-to motivational must-plays. A good day for them involves bikes, music, coffee, and beer, so you know this playlist’s gonna be good.

They used to meet up on the 5th floor (thus the name) of an East London car park on fixed-gear bikes drinking beers, doing skids, and attempting wheelies. Since then, they took their ‘fixies’ on to the velodrome, discovered gears, took to road racing, then cyclocross, touring, you name it.

Member Angelo Calilap calls this playlist “Tempo Tunes.” He says, “Training sessions in Zone 3 can last anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes, so you need songs with just the same amount of intensity as the groove you need as a rider to keep the Zone 3 power pace. If the song is too fast or intense, you might end up wanting to drop some hammers, and if the songs are too chill, then that might influence you to turn it down a notch.”

The tempo’s set by Glass Animals with a cerebral, undeniably cool vibe, later picked up by Ratatat’s Cream on Chrome propulsive beat, hooky guitars, and hypnotic walking bass line. You get a little bit of everything in this playlist, from French electro to classic rock and R&B. Never a dull moment with expressive lyrics like “We gotta go dig up a riot if we wanna fly free.” by MO, and “Where’s the revolution? Come on people, you’re letting me down. The train is coming, so get on board.” by Depeche Mode.

To find out more about the songs and artists that power The 5th Floor, check out their Spotify playlist below.

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  1. Jake Vermillion

    June 19, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    This is awesome! Our team of Fit For Hope volunteers had a similar idea and started putting together work-out specific playlists for our fundraising athletes. Y’all can check ’em out on our Spotify profile (https://goo.gl/yrzvkg). Curious to see if there’s any overlap between our playlists and theirs!


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