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Mike’s Project Power – Week 2

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“Already falling behind but excited about the future (making excuses)”


Instead of 7 workouts in the first two weeks of the Trainer Road plan, I managed 4. The first workout, “FIN,” sucked and it crushed me. A month long business trip to China, Japan, Europe and Las Vegas where I ate and drank like a fool finally caught up with me.

In my first workout at an FTP of 210, I made it 29 minutes before quitting. I felt awful. My lower body and upper body ached from not being on a bike in years. This was a major de-motivator and made me question wanting to get fit again. It was too easy to eat leftovers, watch TV, and drink a beer or two.

The first week, I took 4 days off to feel sorry about myself. Then I managed to knock out a run and a 49 minute “FIN” workout to round out the first week.

The second week got better. I managed two Trainer Road workouts (including a 90 minute Coliseum workout), two bike commutes, and a 50 minute run.

Other than my butt getting used to a saddle again (which is painful), I am feeling stronger on the bike. The workouts are still hard, but I feel in control of my breathing and power output. Overall, I am starting to look forward to my workouts because I see and feel the progress and it doesn’t suck as bad as it once did.

I always forget how easy the system works with the KICKR and Trainer Road combo. I open up my Macbook Pro, open Trainer Road, and hit play on the workout. BOOM – I am working out! The MacBook pro connects to the KICKR automatically using Bluetooth Low Energy. It’s less than 90 seconds from entering my basement to starting my workout – leaving me with NO EXCUSE to workout. No more “Oh, I need to look up that workout that I read about on the internet.” Plus, if my wife says I have an hour to workout, she means an hour! Adding 5-10 minutes of set up to either end means I have to cut my workout short so I can be ready for the twins next bottle feeding. I have never had an easier system for a trainer workout.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Visit the Trainer Road website for more information on their power based indoor cycling software.

Fitness Level: Low: runs and rides still hurt
Feel: feel less tired; don’t need beer to fall asleep
Weight: 187 (down two pounds)
FTP (last test Aug 11): 210
Watts/kg: 2.47 (up due to 2 lbs lost)
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