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KICKR CLIMB Reviews Round Up

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2017 has been a big year for Wahoo with the release of the KICKR CLIMB – our latest product designed to take KICKR training to the next level by adding physical grade changes to your ride. Climbing workouts and virtual courses are now more realistic than ever as the KICKR CLIMB recreates the grade changes in real time.

Here’s what the cycling world has to say about our newest addition to the pain cave:

DC RAINMAKER: “This is definitely cool stuff, and certainly part of the future of where interactive trainers are headed.”


CYCLING WEEKLY: “Wahoo’s trainers have pushed the boundaries of indoor cycling technology.”

CYCLIST.CO.UK: “It could be that this is the best thing since sliced bread.“

T3: “Cyclists will be yelling, ‘Oh my god, this is the most outrageous idea ever! Where can I buy one?’”

Image via Cycling Tips

PELOTON MAGAZINE: “The effect is quite incredible and will not fail to put a big grin on your face – until that 20% grade really starts to bite. It adds a true sense of realism to the trainer, engaging instincts years on the road have created.”

AEROGEEKS: “We are habitual Zwift users here at AG HQ, and the change to have the bike go up and down in response to the virtual world sounds particularly sweet.”

Read more about the KICKR’s new enhancements, and check out the KICKR CLIMB’s hype video!

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