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Ironman Champion Heather Jackson Joins the Wahoo Team

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If you were a three-time Wildflower Triathlon champion, Ironman World Championship podium finisher, and still pushing for a bigger victory this year, how would you train?

For professional triathlete Heather Jackson, looking for the most innovative technology available, she teamed up with us (the leader in workout apps and connected fitness devices); and joined our growing community of elite athletes utilizing Wahoo devices for competition in 2018.

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Jackson as she uses Wahoo’s award-winning innovations to defend her title May 4, when Wildflower makes its return back to Lake San Antonio for the event’s 35th anniversary weekend.

Beyond Wildflower, Jackson will train with Wahoo’s growing ecosystem of innovative products supporting her throughout the year on her Ironman World Championship bid, following a personal best third-place finish in 2016.

Some of the products Jackson will use in her training include our new TICKR FIT Heart Rate Monitor armband, the aerodynamic ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer, and Wahoo’s critically acclaimed indoor smart bike trainer: the KICKR, whose signature flywheel technology replicates the smooth feel of the road.

In addition to KICKR, Jackson will also use our groundbreaking new KICKR CLIMB, simulating the physical grade changes found on the profiles of real-world TT courses. It’s just another way provide a competitive training edge, unmatched by any other indoor trainer.

“I love that Wahoo listens closely to its athletes,” Jackson said. “They have developed a comprehensive product ecosystem to support every moment of every effort, whether it’s training, or in competition.”

“In turn, it’s increasing the efficiency of those efforts, which is what spells an advantage when it comes to the end of an Ironman 70.3,” she said.  

Though Jackson shifted her athletic focus from the ice hockey to triathlons, this tough competitor, raised in a blue-collar, hard-working family; has no patience for excuses. And, neither do we.

In her first full season as an amateur triathlete, she qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona for her age group.Then, she won. Just two short years later at the end of 2009, she turned pro.

Through her hard work and aggressive racing style, Jackson has caught the eye of the media and has gained an impressive fan base, addicted to her positive outlook on sports and life.

“Heather’s incredible work ethic, not to mention her infectious positivity are legendary around the triathlon community,” said Chip Hawkins, Wahoo CEO. “All are attributes that make her the perfect addition to the ‘Wahooligan’ family.”

Hawkins said, “As the Wahoo product ecosystem continues to evolve and adapt to our athletes’ needs, we’re able to offer a connected training experience that’s more comprehensive than ever before – perfect for athletes like Heather who are competing on triathlons biggest stage: the Ironman World Championship.”

Jackson joins other professional athletes including two-time Ironman World Champion and Olympic gold medalist, Jan Frodeno and the rest of our ‘Wahooligan’ family of weekend warriors and esteemed athletes alike.

Each and every member of our team plays a key role by providing direct input for the design and development of our future products, helping us to ensure they meet even the most demanding needs of the greatest professional athletes in the world.

To be the best, you have to train the best. Is it really any wonder why Jackson chose Wahoo for her high-performance standards? We think not.

Looking for more?

* Chat with Jackson — Join us at 1 p.m. EST on Friday, Feb. 23 as Jackson announces our partnership by hosting a live Q&A session on Facebook.

* Ride with Jackson Virtually ride with Jackson as she leads a ‘Wahooligan’ community ride on Zwift at 7 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Feb. 27.


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