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Interview with Wahoo Fitness CEO on the New ELEMNT BOLT

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Where did we start? 
A year ago, we launched the ELEMNT bike computer, which has been a tremendous success. We did things no one had done before and we did it better. The ELEMNT allows you to set up and control the device with your smart phone and it has lots of detailed features which we continued to add to all the time. We added turn-by-turn guidance through Ride With GPS and an awesome integration with Strava to do live segments.

What next? 
As we looked at what the ELEMNT did, we looked at the next thing we could do and how to innovate not only on the software side but the hardware side, too. We saw an opportunity to do that through a race-engineered computer, focusing on aerodynamics.

Introducing the new ELEMNT BOLT
Wahoo’s new GPS bike computer, the ELEMNT BOLT, offers all the power and simplicity of the Wahoo ELEMNT in a design built for performance. Created in collaboration with Metron Advanced Equipment, the BOLT has a sleek head unit and an aerodynamically advanced mount and computer system designed to significantly reduce wind resistance. Our newly redesigned bike computer does more than just track your best times – it helps you achieve them.

Where did the idea for the ELEMNT BOLT come from? 
The idea for the aerodynamics was born in a meeting our CEO, Chip Hawkins, had with Team Sky‘s Carsten Jeppesen who introduced him to Dimitris Katsanis. Dimitris is responsible for most of the aerodynamic advances going back to British cycling. We saw a great opportunity to take his expertise and see what we could do to save time and build a more aerodynamic package. From an aerodynamics perspective on the bike computer, we integrated the connection between the mount and the computer so that there’s a single aerodynamic path and we were able to come up with some pretty amazing savings.

The BOLT compared to our leading competitor has 50% less air resistance and saves riders 1.5 watts.

We also optimized the bike computer to set it back at a 6 degree angle to allow you to see the screen and further maintain that aerodynamic advantage. To put the changes from the aerodynamics in perspective, Dimitris did some calculations and came up with a 40km time trial and at 21kph to you’ll save 12.6 seconds. So it’s significant. It’s important to remember that we’ve also added all the features of the ELEMNT into the BOLT so it’s a really refined piece of hardware and software.

Where can you learn more about the BOLT? 
You can find out more about the new ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer on our blog and on our website.


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