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Indoor Training: The Most Effective Form of Cycling Training | tritime

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Diana Riesler Wahoo KICKR

Many triathletes are affiliating indoor training with basic training in the winter. Professional triathlete Diana Riesler explains why this is not true anymore and indoor trainers have become a training tool for the whole year.

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Translated from original article written in German.

Diana Riesler, a Wahoo sponsored athlete, uses the KICKR Power Trainer year round. See why she uses it for more than just winter training.

Why are you using the indoor trainer the whole year?

To me indoor training isn’t a necessary evil, but the most effective kind of training. I live on Mallorca with lots of sun and good road conditions, but 1-2 times a week I train on my indoor trainer. I don’t do the long and easy rides indoor, but the more intense ones I prefer to do on my trainer. Intervals are more intensive and consistent. Without this trainer I wouldn`t be this strong on the bike for sure. And it`s a pretty good feeling that after an indoor workout, you are feeling fresh and loaded with energy, not like after a long ride on the road.

What can you do on a trainer, that you cannot outdoors?
Indoor training is very good for interval workouts. There is no distraction bfrom traffic or the scenery or anything else. You can totally concentrate on fitting the targeted power and cadence. It’s like running on a track. And it is very efficient when it comes to training time. There is no stop-and-go because of traffic and no traveling to and from your favorite training spot. On the indoor trainer I can do a very effective workout within 60 min, which would take 2 hours on the road.

What is one of your typical indoor workouts?

I prefer to do workouts with high intensity and low cadence. I could do this on a mountain road as well, but then I would have to travel to the mountain first and would have cold descents, too. On my trainer I can start after a short warm up. One workout I do almost once a week is 20×1 min “all out” with cadence of 50rpm and 1 min easy going. Another one is 15x3min at the threshold with a cadence of 60 rpm with 1 min easy going. All done in the aero position. When preparing for a long distance competition I do longer intervals as well, 20/20/20 min in my race pace.

Are you using some apps or simulation software for your indoor training?

Yes, I am using the Wahoo KICKR trainer which is controlled by the Wahoo smart phone app. Sometimes I use the Trainer Road software, where you can create your own interval workouts. I’m not using any simulation software, because I have very clear and rigid targets of duration and intensity of the intervals I ride. After the workout I use analysis software to take a look at the power, heart rate and cadence data.

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