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KICKR Training Tips from Triathlon Coach Jo Spindler

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KICKR Training Tips

Need some KICKR training tips for when riding on the road is not possible? Indoor cycling is your next best option especially when it can feel like you are really on the road. The Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Trainer boasts a wheel-off design and super flywheel that produces an ultra-realistic road feel. You can set your desired power level and the KICKR will automatically adjust the resistance to ensure your ride stays consistent and calibrated. The KICKR also works with a variety of apps so you can still use your favorites.

Jo Spindler is a triathlon coach and former long distance triathlon-winning athlete. He is the coach of Wahoo Sponsored Athlete and Ironman Malaysia and Lanzarote winner Diana Riesler. Jo and Diana use the KICKR as a vital part of Diana’s training program. Here are Jo’s favorite tips and tricks on how to use the KICKR efficiently for triathlon training:

1. Build your strength! The KICKR is the best trainer out there to do low cadence-big gear work. Due to its construction, there is no tire slip possible. The KICKR is incredibly strong and offers extremely high resistance even at very low cadences. So, properly warm up, then smash a very big gear at a cadence of 40-50 as hard as you can for 1 minute, pedal easy for 1 minute, repeat! Do this 10, 20 or 30 times once a week.

2. When you do big gear sessions, never – this means NEVER – do high cadence work on the same day. Not within the session itself or even a session later in the day. Not as a warm up, not for rest intervals, and not for a cool down. It undoes the muscular adaptions you’re aiming for.

3. Track your progress! There are fantastic apps you can use with your KICKR and you can set-up or download specific training sessions. One of the biggest motivations for your training is to see how your power numbers improve week over week. Make use of this opportunity and track your progress.

4. Vary your intensities – Interval training on the KICKR is both fun and demanding. It forces you to focus on getting intensity and cadence right. It makes time fly by. You don’t have to worry about traffic, crossings, or stoplights. You can focus entirely on yourself and your effort.

5. Focus! If you can text on your phone, or read a book or magazine while riding the KICKR, intensity is not high enough. Even if you can follow a movie, intensity is not high enough. You are not training; you are wasting your time. Focus! Don’t get distracted from the work and effort ahead.

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