How Pete “Thor” Morris Uses KICKR

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The “Thor” of Cycling is far from his counterpart; he’s modest and genuine to the letter. Pete Morris’ humble break into cycling started many years ago speeding through Tuesday night circuits within his city. During that time, he just wanted to make an impression and enjoy the ride.

These days, he travels across the country alongside a team. He holds a spearhead position racing with Team CLIF Bar Cycling. On those big event days, when he’s not supporting his teammates in warm ups, you can expect to find him signing autographs and taking photos with fans; it’s all gratitude and smiles from this long-haired racer.

But don’t be misled – he is a serious contender.

To make waves with Team CLIF Bar, you need to have a little fire in your belly; Pete just chooses to drop the hammer in his training instead. For Pete, training is where he can build the fitness to help his teammates and to treat the audience to a great performance.

Anything to “give the fans a good show,” he says jovially.

Necessary Piece of the Puzzle

These training sessions, built through Trainer Road and on the Wahoo Fitness KICKR, give him that extra level of fitness required for the intensity of crit-racing.

“TrainerRoad workouts prepare us the best for the big races across the country,” he says.

With a self-proclaimed “90%” of his time spent on his trainer, Pete definitely puts in the hours on his KICKR. He pushes himself to his maximum limits. In training, he reaches (and then exceeds) his threshold levels, as one often does during races. As he explains, you can’t race “without being able to do those really, really hard efforts” on your trainer.

Image courtesy of Trainer Road

Stay Strong, Stay Humble

The KICKR and TrainerRoad in conjunction help keep Pete fit, competitive, and flexible. In criterium races, anything can happen; one minute you lead the pack, and the next a fellow racer clips you and you crash through a sharp turn. Not every race will go as planned, but at least with proper training, you’ll have that important base layer of fitness to bounce back. A clear workout plan plus a humble understanding that you may not always be first, he explains, should drive your training.

Pete is a great rider, and an even better person. His humble mentality on and off the circuit is certainly an example to follow. He may not admit it, but to train like Pete is to train to be a winner.

For more on his training plan, check out the video above.

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