Hey Taryn… What Makes You Tick?

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Heart Rate Swimming

Taryn, Marketing

The TICKR X helps me train efficiently and effectively during my swimming workouts. With IPX7 certification, the TICKR X is waterproof up to 5 feet so mind is free from worry of damaging the device and I can focus on my workout! With the double tap function I am able to put markers in my workout. This allows me to see what my heart rate is during different sets throughout the practice and evaluate if I was doing the set properly. Knowing my performance helps hold me accountable and keep me motivated during threshold/ high intensity sets. Also, it’s awesome to see how many calories I burned for that extra boost of confidence.

And here’s my swimming tip! Remember that training with heart rate in the water is different than on land. In the water, your max heart rate will about 10-15 beats lower than your max heart rate on land.

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