Every year, we all ask the same, challenging question: What do I get them this year? While it can be daunting, especially if you’re buying for a techie, we’ve simplified the shopping season with this helpful holiday gift guide.

Forget the online flash sales and in-store crowds, this is the best resource to narrow down which products are going to get the biggest smiles from that hard-to-shop-for relative.



As a regularly active person, your friend works hard to maintain her fitness throughout the week. She’s running in the morning, taking a mid-day cycling class, or stretching with yoga at night, but for all that activity, she’s missing the data that can make the difference in reaching her next-level fitness goals.



Small and lightweight, the TICKR gives fitness enthusiasts a reliable, accurate, and secure way to track heart rates. Additionally, it shares fitness data with training apps and platforms, helping them reach goals faster by using accurate heart rate and calorie burn data to optimize efficiency. No matter how they train, the TICKR is a welcome addition to any fitness routine.





Offering state-of-the-art optical heart rate technology, the TICKR FIT provides the ultimate in accuracy, comfort, and reliability for fitness fanatics of all levels. Plus, it gives you accurate heart rate and calorie burn data for up to 30 hours while fitting comfortably and securely around your arm. For the workout warrior on your gift list, the TICKR FIT is guaranteed to please.



Wattie Ink.

Standing at the crossroads of function and fashion, Wattie Ink. produces riding apparel for casual cruisers and dedicated athletes alike. Proudly made in the U.S.A., Wattie Ink. expertly combines laser-cut panels of leading-edge fabric with vivid print quality, all hand-assembled by an in-house team in Vista, California. With a large variety of options to fit your workout style, Wattie Ink. ensures you’ll ride with comfortable confidence.







Alternating between cycling for fun, fitness, and his commute to work, your cousin has already made investments in good riding equipment that he uses regularly. But lately, he’s been looking for new ways to take his cycling routine to the next level with ride tracking, navigation, structured workouts, app integrations, and much more.



Proven to shave valuable seconds off finish times, the ELEMNT BOLT adds slick, race-worthy design to the established power and simplicity that originated with ELEMNT. Designed to seamlessly work with the free ELEMNT companion app, the ELEMNT BOLT can use your smartphone to customize settings, link to other cycling apps, or successfully navigate around town with optimized route recommendations. Plus, ELEMNT BOLT fully integrates with Strava Live Segments to give you accurate progress status and to beat your exercise goals.





As a compact counterpart, the ELEMNT MINI utilizes the ELEMNT companion app on your smartphone to customize your settings, provide pop-up call and text alerts, set route maps, and much more. Plus, with Live Track, you can send custom links to others about your riding location, progress, and metrics. ELEMNT MINI also comes with a Wahoo RPM Speed sensor, so you’re ready to ride and record speed/distance/time right out of the box.






Delivering a realistic, accurate, and quiet indoor training experience, KICKR CORE uses flywheel technology and advanced algorithms to give riders the indoor workout experiences they’ve been looking for. And with durable construction, it can withstand intense training sessions from even the most powerful riders. Plus, KICKR CORE can be combined with KICKR CLIMB and Wahoo KICKR Trainer Accessories to take your riding to entirely new levels.


Seamlessly integrating with ELEMNT or ELEMNT BOLT, TrainingPeaks analyzes your riding data and provides instant workout feedback. TrainingPeaks employs pop-up notifications, LED alerts, progress graphs, and much more to ensure you reach your loftiest riding goals. Plus, your riding data automatically syncs online, allowing you and your coaches to break down your goals and optimize success.  And, every ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT purchased comes with a free 30-day trial of TrainingPeaks Premium.









He already has a top-of-the-line bike, onboard riding computer, and even some high-end training equipment, but your dad still has a soft spot for the newest cycling gadgets. Perfect for the rider who has almost everything, these dazzling ride-simulation devices are guaranteed to (literally) blow the old man’s hair back.





Physically adjusting your bike position to mimic real mountain road inclines, the KICKR CLIMB allows you to naturally change position on the bike, engage climbing muscles, and improve pedaling technique while indoors, to become more efficient and powerful outdoors. Climbing workouts and virtual courses are now more realistic than ever as the KICKR CLIMB recreates the grade changes in real time, taking your indoor ride up to the next level.



With winter approaching and for many here already, it is when most are moving indoors. Sweat is corrosive so while your fitness is making huge gains your equipment is taking a beating. We designed our indoor trainer products to shed sweat and resist corrosion but your bike is a different story.

Muc- Off has developed a dedicated line of indoor training products meaning can laugh in the face of Jack Frost as you happily sweat to your heart’s content while keeping your equipment bacteria free and protected from sweat damage.



Featuring a variable-speed vortex fan that’s capable of producing wind speeds comparable to speeding down the open road, the KICKR HEADWIND delivers the high-velocity cooling needed to stay comfortable during the toughest indoor workouts. The KICKR HEADWIND pairs directly with smart trainers to gauge workout intensity and automatically adjusts fan speed based on your efforts, providing a superior outdoor feel – indoors.









With over 2,200 watts of resistance and an incredibly stable design, KICKR is built for even the most powerful cyclists in the world. And with new improvements, it’s now more responsive to reflect the sensation of riding on the road and almost silent and perfect for indoor riders with others nearby. The KICKR features a pre-installed 11-speed cassette, RPM Cadence Sensor, and a tire size height adjustment to ensure you’re up and riding as quickly as possible.


By combining the Zwift Cycling App with a smart trainer like KICKR, riders can experience a dynamic variety of resistance settings and a highly-realistic virtual riding experience. With Zwift, you can join a global online community to make new friends, compete against others, and have fun while you ride. Plus, new users can enjoy a free 7-day trial of the Zwift Cycling App with the purchase of a smart trainer.


No matter who’s at the top of your gift list – from workout warrior to cycling champion – any of these inspired products are sure to please and delight. Please visit wahoofitness.com for more detailed information about any item mentioned and how to get one in time for the holidays.


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