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What to Get Your Tech-Obsessed Relative

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It’s tough to pick out gifts in the era of the internet. With so many choices, finding a great gift that someone will actually want to use can be tough. Pair that problem with a trendy relative who’s already hip to new tech, and you may feel like you’re in a digital dilemma.

For all those still scratching their heads about what to purchase for your tech-obsessed relative, we’re breaking down three key products that are guaranteed to hit this holiday season.


From simple set up to powerful performance, a KICKR indoor smart trainer does things no other indoor trainer on the market can touch.

Zwift Integration

Even if they’re not a gamer, Zwift is addicting. Zwift’s virtual riding system pairs directly with the KICKR, so as you pedal in your pain cave, you’ll move your character on screen. It offers real-time resistance changes, and you can race against buddies from across the world or push yourself on solo runs across their numerous virtual worlds. Plus, our newest KICKR is the best KICKR to use with Zwift yet. This makes riding fun no matter when or where you power on.

Total Power

Techies loves to know that they’ve got the best. So we’ve packed the KICKR with powerful and advanced machinery. The new KICKR, for example, features 12×142 and 12×148 thru axle compatibility in addition to standard 130/135mm quick release, as well as brand new CLIMB compatibility. Plus, you’ll be pumping out over 2000 watts of resistance and durability. You (or your relative) will love the new KICKR‘s power.

Reliable Metrics

We’ve included the most reliable and accurate power measurement system (+/- 2%) to help you gauge your workouts and progress. With a connection of apps you can pair via your ELEMNT, your relative will be plugged in and riding away with perfect tracking.


Keep your relative in control of their workouts with a BOLT. It’s the mothership of all bike computers, and will help them navigate turn-by-turn or find their friends and stay informed of their metrics and workouts.


Aeronautically Advanced

Not only does the ELEMNT BOLT work like a charm, but it looks like a charmer. We partnered with leaders in performance design to create a sleek head unit that not only reads easily, but drastically reduces wind resistance. With angled sides, they’ve love how beautifully the BOLT sits on their bike.

App-lified Set-Up

ELEMNT BOLT includes a free companion app that lets you create preferences, build workout pages, and link your favorite cycling apps and wireless sensors in just a few taps. Technology should just work, right? They’ll appreciate that. No matter their training style or workout system, it is as simple as plug-and-play to get on the road and up to speed.

100% Wireless. 

Wires are so Y2K. ELEMNT bike computers are the only truly wireless bike computers. So syncing ride data, downloading maps, and updating your computer’s software can be completed cable-free and hassle-free.


Sometimes, at Wahoo, we like to do crazy things. What started as a wild idea, became a mind-blowing product that people couldn’t stop raving out. The KICKR CLIMB is our answer to the rider who wants more from their training — more fun, more excitement, and more grueling workouts.

Totally Immersive

Gone are the days of pushing through a “hill” on your indoor trainer on a flat surface. The CLIMB uses real-time grading to quickly raise and lower your bike to match ascents of up to 20% and descents of -10%. So whether you’re battling up the virtual hills of Watopia in Zwift, or recreating a route in your living room, you’ll find yourself training as aggressively as you would in real life. Just pair the CLIMB to to the newest edition of the KICKR to experience what Cyclist.co.uk called “best thing since sliced bread.”



Everyone wants “smart” — smart phones, smart homes, and even smart toasters. You tech-head relative will love how fluidly our CLIMB pairs with the rest of their Wahoo gear. From the ELEMNT to the KICKR to every heart rate sensor, the CLIMB will take in measurements and keep your rider engaged and informed. It’s all a part of the perfect ecosystem of products that we’ve set out to create.

They’ve Got the Power

The CLIMB is meant to provide a new way to challenge cyclists and enhance workouts. As grading changes, riders naturally change positions on the bike and engage those climbing muscles. So the next time they hit the pavement and some hills, your body will naturally feel prepared. This isn’t just a small addition to indoor training — this is the future of indoor cycling. Blow their minds with how amazing it feels with real-time grading.

Choosing any of these products is a guaranteed win for your tech-obsessed cyclist. For detailed specs on these killer products and how to get one for the holidays, check out more on the KICKR, CLIMB, and the BOLT. Stay tuned to our blog for special information on our products all season long and make sure to explore our interactive product guide!

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