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What to Get the Athlete Who Has Everything

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As you probably already know, athletes (especially cyclists) are tough to shop for. Each rider has their own particular preferences — from their favorite shorts to their favorite flavor of protein. But one thing is for certain across the board: athletes love their gear. You can’t go wrong with a new gadget or sensor.

But what to choose? As leaders in sports tech, we’re experts on this sort of thing. We’ll help you find that one special piece that brings it all together in harmony. We like to refer to that harmony as “the ecosystem.”

So grab a cup of hot chocolate (or eggnog, if that’s your thing) and check out the shopper’s guide we’ve developed to picking the perfect gift for the picky athlete in your life.

So what did you pick? Did you get anything for yourself? We won’t tell. Let us know your favorite product from the Wahoo ecosystem in the comments, and stay tuned to our blog for more on holiday shopping this year!

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