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First Ride with the New ELEMNT BOLT

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5th Floor’s Angelo Calilap takes his first ride with the new ELEMNT BOLT.


What makes the ELEMNT BOLT different from other bike computers? 
With so much emphasis on aero bike frames, aero wheels and aero helmets why not have a bike computer that gives you an aerodynamic advantage? This is what Wahoo Fitness has done with the new ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer.  The new ELEMNT BOLT takes all the features of the ELEMNT that we love like turn-by-turn route guidance, Strava Live Segments, Route Me Anywhere, and more, but places them in an aerodynamic package to maximize the performance from both a software and hardware standpoint.

The team at Wahoo Fitness worked with aerodynamic experts who contributed to over 60 gold medal and world championship efforts in the development of the ELEMNT BOLT. The key was to make the bike computer and the mount an integrated unit. Through extensive testing this new mount integration system delivers the lowest wind resistance of any bike computer.

Learn more about the ELEMNT BOLT features here.

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  1. Mark Rubinsky

    April 14, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    This thing rocks! Easy to read and very well designed. Nice job Wahoo.


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