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Winter Fitness Necessities for Every Athlete

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Winter Fitness Necessities

Long nights, short days, frigid temperatures: in winter, nature settles in for a good nap and most people do, too. But you’re not most people; you’re a Wahooligan, and all you need is the right formula to keep grinding on through these chilly, gray months. We have compiled a short list of winter essentials to help you do just that.


Dressing in layers is the key to comfort during long winter rides. Training in layers allows you to stay warm and dry in winter conditions, then easily remove items as needed throughout your ride. Leggings, sweat-wicking shirts, Gortex jackets, socks, gloves and hats are all crucial to maintaining your routine this time of year.


Some winter days are so miserable that even the most dedicated cyclist will look out the window and think, Not today. That’s why we invented the KICKR indoor bike trainer. The KICKR’s real-ride feel allows you to maintain your current stamina and fitness levels throughout winter without missing a beat, especially if paired with an app like Zwift or TrainerRoad. You’ll stay warm and dry while getting all the benefits of a real ride, and the weather can do its worst.

Reflective Gear

Short winter days mean that many cyclists are training in the dark. Stay visible and safe by wearing reflective gear on your shoes, helmet, jacket, or anywhere else you can possibly slap a reflective sticker. Make sure all of your bike lights are in good shape, too- you need to be easily seen by approaching cars, cyclists and runners.


No matter the season, your heart works hard yearound to help you meet your fitness goals. With our TICKR Fit heart monitor, you can accurately and reliably monitor your heart rate to ensure that you are getting the most out of every workout. Pair it with our ELEMNT GPS bike computer, hailed for its simplicity and functionality, and you are utilizing the best technology in cycling.

Waterproof Gear

Many of us live in regions where rain, not temperature, is the true wintertime nemesis. Defy the drizzle by investing in rain gear such as fenders, shoe booties, and water-repellent jackets and pants. Staying dry will keep you warmer and more comfortable so you can spend more time riding outdoors throughout the season.


Fitness fanatics tend to stick to a regimen no matter what, even when a long winter’s nap is calling their name. However, studies from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine find that those who get less sleep are less motivated to exercise, and it’s no secret that most people are busier than ever before. While you may feel compelled to fit in an extra workout or just one more mile, doing it at the expense of sleep could actually result in a decrease in performance. Sometimes when your killer instinct wants to hibernate, you should just let it.

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