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ELEMNT Live Track: Stay Connected at All Times

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Long gone are the days of coordinating ride times with phone trees, paper maps, and henpecked text messages on tiny numeric keypads. Now, access to GPS, LTE, and the ELEMNT Live Track feature has made planning rides and keeping friends and family in the loop as easy as a quick tap on a touchscreen. Whether you use it to let someone know where you are on a spontaneous ride day, provide live race-day data to your coach, or have friends who just think it’s cool to see where you ride, Live Track makes communicating your progress, data, and plans a breeze.

To get started, power up your ELEMNT, open up the ELEMNT Companion app, do a quick mirror check for proper helmet and sunglasses alignment while the computer pairs, and scroll to the Live Track section of the settings page. From here, tap to enable Live Track and you’re ready to share the ride. Depending on how many people you want to share with and where they might be, Live Track provides a range of options to choose from to get the word out.

When you tap to share the live tracking link, your first choice sets the timeframe – share the link until the end of the day, forever, or automatically. This is also where you can tap to reset all links to start over and change access to your rides.

Within the “share until the end of day” and “share forever” options, you have a few choices to communicate with others once you decide how long you’d like them to have access to your ride info. Text messaging for when your friends are already out on a ride and you’re planning a meetup for hill intervals and coffee, email for making your partner jealous as you enjoy a beautiful mid-week day off and they’re stuck in an office managing spreadsheets and a pile of unread inbox submissions, and social media links for those epic climbing days that all your friends need to follow.

Select the automatic sharing option if you always want a specific audience clued into your rides – email to share with specific people who you want in the loop, or Facebook and Twitter to automatically send every ride social for a big dose of accountability and (hopefully) an even bigger heap of positive feedback from your network. Automatic isn’t for everyone but it’s nice to have an option that provides seamless sharing every time your ELEMNT starts recording a ride.

Live Track takes your tracking and sharing capabilities even further when utilized alongside the ELEMNT’s pre-planned routing capabilities. Paired with a ride route, Live Track provides in the moment progress and estimated finish times to keep those who need to know in the know. So, share that meticulously planned weekend Tour de Donut Shop route with your friends so they know what they’re getting into (and how many donuts they’re going to eat) and enjoy the ride with confidence that everyone knows the route and checking in is just a quick link click away.

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Lindsay Wetzel Polin is a sports psychology consultant and health education specialist with almost two decades of cyclocross and road racing experience. Her coaching philosophy utilizes a holistic approach to manage the mental and physical demands of life and sport to achieve success. You can find her on Instagram at @sprintinkitten.




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