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ELEMNT BOLT Makes The Most of Your Effort | Peloton Magazine

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GPS bike computers turn every ounce of effort into data, but what if you want more out of your GPS unit? What if you wanted to do more than just measure the effort? Shouldn’t your GPS unit help you make the most of every effort?

Wahoo’s new ELEMNT BOLT does just that.

The wind is an unyielding foe, the biggest we face on the bike, and it can influence every aspect of bike design. Tubes are sculpted to shape drag. Road helmets have become aerodynamic missiles. Wheels are getting deeper and faster. All of this effort goes into controlling the leading edge. The aerodynamic first impression you make is the most important and that first impression is made by the GPS cycling computer.

The new ELEMNT BOLT is the first GPS cycling computer designed from the ground up with this knowledge, inspiring every aspect of its design. It creates over 50% less drag than leading GPS units, due not only to the sleek shape of the BOLT itself, but thanks to the ground-breaking and patent-pending integrated mount and computer design. BOLT and mount system present a single fluid shape to the wind.

Wahoo collaborated with aerodynamic experts who have worked on more than 60 gold medal and world championship victories. The results are stunning, reminding us just how important the leading edge of a bicycle is.

At 21 miles per hour, Wahoo’s ELEMNT BOLT saves 12.6 seconds over a 40-kilometer time trial versus leading GPS cycling computers.

Wahoo’s research led to a screen angled 6 degrees for optimum viewing when the ELEMNT BOLT itself is flat. Even tilting the BOLT up does not affect its aerodynamics. While the new ELEMNT BOLT is making the most of your effort, it’s still measuring your effort in the most user-friendly and intuitive interface we have ever experienced.

Using the proven Wahoo ELEMNT companion app, everything from connecting sensors and customizing page layouts, to uploading rides to Strava or uploading new routes for navigation, no system does it with more ease than the ELEMNT BOLT.

In the saddle, the ELEMNT BOLT’s perfect view zoom feature puts every number within easy reach, showing you exactly what you need, when you need it.

Navigation and tracking your hardest Strava live segment efforts through tunnel vision are easy on the BOLT’s display. Quick look LED indicators on the BOLT can be customized as a visual aid to monitor power, speed, heart rate, and a host of other metrics, or to help navigate the preloaded maps that can help take you almost anywhere in the world.

The ELEMNT BOLT keeps you connected as you ride with call, text, and email notifications, letting you decide what needs your attention before reaching for your phone. When the training ride inevitably calls for a coffee stop, the companion app can be used to search for a destination, then send a bike-optimized route straight to the BOLT, thanks to Take Me Anywhere navigation.

Wahoo’s all new ELEMNT BOLT takes the power of data, the power of GPS, and puts it into a package that creates not only a streamlined and efficient user experience, but a streamlined and efficient package that cheats the wind. The ELEMNT BOLT is the first GPS computer that does more than just measure your effort. It makes the most of your effort.

Find out more about the ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer on our blog and our website.

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