The world has certainly changed in the last few weeks. As uncertainty surrounds our lives now, it’s been hard not to let fear sink in and take hold. It’s hard not to emotionally detach to avoid the sad reality of the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s hard to be isolated from family and friends as social interaction and fellowship are a huge part of my well-being. It’s hard to have two adults working from home while wrangling and schooling a toddler. It’s hard to stay inside when Spring is finally in the air and it’s warm out. It’s hard to find time to train and workout when your normal routine doesn’t exist anymore. It’s just flat out HARD. That’s something that we all have to recognize. It’s hard. For everyone. 

There are a few things that I’ve learned and been reminded of as I shelter in place.

  1. Give myself some GRACE. It’s impossible to be the best wife, mother, friend, employee, co-worker, family caregiver, teacher, house cleaner, cook, athlete, and fitness enthusiast right now – hell, it’s impossible at any time, not just during a global pandemic. A little bit of forgiveness goes a very long way, especially for yourself. If I miss a workout because of an emergency work meeting, that’s ok, I was there for my coworkers. If I forget to do the laundry because my son wanted me to read him the same book 10 times in a row, that’s ok, we got time to bond. Forgive myself for what didn’t happen and enjoy what does.
  2. Take it DAY BY DAY. I am a planner. I like knowing what lies ahead each day, week, month, and so on. I’ve never been great at that whole “living in the moment” thing and am always thinking 3 steps ahead. Right now, it’s impossible to plan…anything. This has been the hardest mental shift for me, but when I can focus on each day as it happens, it does seem to help my stress levels stay a bit lower. Without plans, there’s no stress from a change of plans.
  3. Love the ONES YOU ARE WITH. I’m quarantined with my husband and my son. And we certainly all get frustrated with each other being confined by four walls, but this time together is something we would not have gotten if Corona did not happen. I’m able to experience some of my son’s firsts that I might not have had otherwise – the simple joys of discovering his own belly button, saying his grandparent’s names for the first time when he sees them on Facetime, learning to hide in the fort we built together. His happiness and unconditional love are soul medicine.

Coronavirus has also left me with the stark reality that DK, along with many other events on the cycling calendar will not happen as planned. At first, it was disappointing and frustrating, something that I had planned for and worked hard for. This doesn’t have to stop me from my goal of riding 100 miles. I can still do what I promised myself I would do on May 30th. I can still ride 100 miles. It might have to be indoors or it might have to be outside on my own, but there’s no reason to stop my goals – only reimagine them. DK in September?

Meet Mackenzie from Atlanta Georgia. Mackenzie is a mother, a wife, a full-time employee at Wahoo, and a newbie cyclist. She is taking on one of the hardest endurance events in the world, DK 100. Follow along with Mackenzie’s journey through her eyes as she goes from Desk to DK.

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