Conquer Mountains Indoors With the New KICKR CLIMB

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We’re taking smart bike trainers to new heights.

Inspired by the needs of our Wahooligans (and by our own restless desire to create the best cycling products on the market), we have developed the world’s first smart grading machine. It’s the most immersive indoor cycling experience, and it pairs seamlessly into the Wahoo Fitness ecosystem.

Say hello to the new Wahoo KICKR CLIMB.

What does the KICKR CLIMB do?

When combined with the legendary ride feel of KICKR smart trainers, the CLIMB will raise and lower your bike angle from -10% up to +20%, depending on the terrain you are riding. Its uncanny ability to replicate the grade changes of real mountains in real-time is amazing; you’ll never want to train without it again.

As soon as you hit the start or finish of a climb during your training, you’ll notice your bike begin to tilt forward or pull upwards. Stand up, push into the hill, or sit back and spin – the KICKR CLIMB moves you into the natural angles you would experience while riding outdoors.

Why Build the KICKR CLIMB?

From roller coasters to skydiving, there’s something satisfying about experiencing changes in altitude. When you reach a peak and your bike begins to level out, you know you’ve put in the work. We set out to create that same feeling of accomplishment every single time you get on your bike.

Not to mention, the CLIMB targets your muscles in ways traditional indoor bike training cannot. Activate your quads on steep switchbacks or dip into core crunching during descents. You’ll have total control and full immersion wherever and however you decide to train.

It’s Technology That Works Together

Our engineers have sculpted a product that brings the joys (or pains) of hill riding into your smart trainer. Plus, it is adaptable to your riding style straight out of the box. With ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart technology, it will quickly pair with your KICKR. And as long as you’re riding on a road, mountain or TT bike with Quick Release, or 12×100, 15×100, or 15×110 Thru Axles, you can use the CLIMB.

We’ve also included a removable remote control so you can manually adjust the grade on the fly. Just pick your level of intensity with a few clicks of the button and make your climb.

Are you excited to get your hands on the KICKR CLIMB? Stay tuned for order information and read more from our blog about how to fit it into your training.

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