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Building the Future of Cyclocross with Renewed Aspire Racing Partnership

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When four-time national champion Jeremy Powers and his Aspire Racing teammates Ellen Noble and Spencer Petrov strategize for a cyclocross season it’s about identifying all of the resources necessary to create a successful environment. This includes, training, travel, race scheduling and the partners they choose to work with. Wahoo has worked with the team long before it was Team Aspire and is excited to continue to work with the team as it grows in both results and team members. We have recently signed expanded our support of the team for another two years. This support will include the ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer, the KICKR and the TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor. With these tools at their disposal the team is set up for another great season.

Secrets Behind Their Training

The dirty details behind Aspire Racing’s ability to keep shelving championship medals all start in the off season. Take their KICKR smart indoor bike trainer for example, which offers these champions two key capabilities. First, it is a standalone power-based indoor trainer. CX races are short circuits of quick hills and sharp turns. This requires the rider to be able to push high power at low RPM’s, something the KICKR is particularly great at replicating.

Secondly, on race day, they’ll bring their KICKR to the race for warm-up and cool-down. Cyclocross races require fast twitch muscles to be fully engaged right from the start. Their bodies have to be ready for the moments exiting sharp corners and when acceleration is key for closing down a break.

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The team uses the TICKR X to collect race data when they are not using a bike computer. This particularly helpful when the race is in wet muddy conditions that require multiple bike changes during the race. With the built in memory of the TICKR X, the ability to not loose any heart rate data due to a bike change is priceless when winning comes down to a well timed sprint.

Rounding out the gear is the ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer. The riders use the computer to track their race data as well as their training efforts. The ELEMNT helps the riders navigate through cities in countries they are unfamiliar with, keeping them safe by providing bike friendly routes and insuring they get back to the team house in one piece.

The Future of Cyclocross

Regardless, Aspire Racing has to be ready for anything, and it’s their Wahoo gear that gets them there.

“From warming up, to measuring efforts during a race, to the essential postrace cool-down, Wahoo’s product ecosystem is an integral part of my overall race strategy,” says Jeremy Powers.

Photo: Meg McMahon

Wahoo believes in Aspire Racing’s abilities and determination. We’ve been a supporter of Jeremy Powers for years. We’re proud to continue that support this year with the next generation of AR’s team, Ellen Noble and Spencer Petrov. Together Ellen and Spencer have already won numerous U23 National Championships, Pan America Championships, and World Cup Podiums. It is clear that the next several decades of cyclocross racing will be very exciting, and Wahoo is proud to be a part of it.

“I’m so pleased to partner with a brand that’s not only able to deliver a seamless user experience between each of its products, but one that also cares as much as I do about fostering the development of the future of our sport,” says Powers.

Get to Know Jeremy and Ellen

We caught up with our Aspire Racing partners and asked them about their favorite cyclocross moments and gear.

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What makes you a Wahooligan?

Jeremy: I love good products. I love to yell, “Wahooooooo” as often as possible on long rides and I love technology that makes my days a little easier.

Ellen: Loving my Wahoo product and all the great things that the company is doing!

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

J: Building our community in Western Massachusetts and starting the JAM Fund program has been very rewarding for all of us involved. I believe it’s changed a lot of people’s lives and the work we do with the program is so rewarding to watch happen.

E: Silver medal at the World championships and/or running a junior women’s cyclocross camp on my own.

What do you consider your biggest professional accomplishment to date?

J: Winning my first national title in 2011-12 cyclocross season will always be my favorite moment of my racing career.

E: 4x National Champion, World Champ Silver Medalist, U23 World Cup Overall Winner.

Do you have any race day rituals?

J: It has changed over the years. Currently, I’m having a thing with Green Tea every morning as I decided to give up coffee for the season.

E: Waffles as a pre-race meal. I must have my good-luck charm, and I always check my head-set to make sure it is right.

What are three training tips you would recommend to athletes?

J: Sleep more, drink more water, and focus on the process and why you want to race.

E: Have fun, learn to embrace the suffering, and train your weaknesses until they become your strengths.

What inspires and what motivates you to keep pushing and striving for personal greatness?

J: A lot of things. I look at everything I do as a rolling resume, regardless of the activity. More than ever, I realize sport / being a professional athlete is only a moment in time and to make sure I don’t waste the gift or the opportunities. I constantly tell myself if I’m not giving 100% of myself to the sport, it’s time to step back, and that keeps me moving forward with everything (from racing to events and the other stuff we do through the season).

E: My dream to motivate and inspire others to live their best life — on and off the bike. I also want to inspire young women to pursue their dreams and realize their capabilities.

What do you love about Wahoo?

J: [Wahoo is an] incredible brand that makes bulletproof products that help people make their days better. I personally love the bulletproof ELEMNT training computer; Rain, shine, [or if I] forget to plug it in for a day, it still works. I absolutely love it. The TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor for CX is such a great product because we can race and look at the HR data afterwards. It’s perfect and ideal for cyclocross!

E: The fact that they support amazing teams, professional female athletes, and make absolutely amazing products! <3

Aspire Racing will be participating in the biggest cyclocross races in 2017-18. Stay tuned to their site for their extensive involvement in the CX scene. For more on the equipment that Aspire Racing uses to stay at the top of the podium, check out the KICKR, ELEMNT BOLT, and TICKR x Heart Rate Monitor.

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