Look sharper and ride faster with the new bright pink and blue colored limited editions of ELEMNT BOLT from Wahoo.

BOLT leads the pack, bursting out from typical grey and black of most bike computers. Its vivid colours will send a clear signal to your competitors that you are riding with the fastest and newest gear.

Known as an innovator for adopting requests from the cycling community, Wahoo gives cyclists a way to show off their style with two sought-after colours. Wahoo chose blue because it matches many cycling kits and current bike colour ways. Pink was picked because Wahoo’s research found it is the number-one most popular color for accessories. ELEMNT Product Manager Megan Powers noted,

“Our customers were especially clamoring for a pink BOLT.”

Beyond the electric new colours, the ELEMENT BOLT is a tour-de-force of functionality and speed. As the first aerodynamically designed GPS computer, the BOLT is engineered by aerodynamics expert Dimitris Katsanis. Famous for crafting the ultra-streamlined bike used in the world UCI hour record-breaking ride by Bradley Wiggins, Katsanis uses his expertise to make the BOLT the fastest bike computer of its type with 50% less drag than other computers. It has even been tested in wind tunnels and come out faster than the competition.

In the short term, BOLT speeds you up with time-shaving aerodynamics.  In the long term, it speeds you up with updated compatibilities that unlock the most powerful training tools.

New in this release, BOLT syncs trails from the mountain biking sites MTB Project and Singletracks, automatically downloading trails from the to-do or wishlist in your phone’s app. It also now helps you track your progress with a total odometer function and weekly distance summaries.

These adaptations combine with the updates Wahoo has released over the past two years to help BOLT run smoothly a wide variety of popular apps. BOLT enables Strava Live segments, helping motivate along the ride by comparing PR times from yourself with your friends and the world. Turn-by-turn directions keep you on route, while integration with Best Bike Split helps you plan and adjust your race pacing on the fly.

BOLT leads the pack in ease-of-access with software and hardware advantages. It integrates with the free ELEMNT companion app to set up your data fields, customize profiles, track performance, and share ride data effortlessly — without any confusing menus. It seamlessly works with all types of cycling sensors through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, and ANT+ connections. While you’re pedaling hard, BOLT makes it easy to see if you’re hitting target metrics with adjustable QuickLook Indicator LED lights.

Released in time for the 2019 Sea Otter Classic bicycling festival, these blue and pink editions of the BOLT are now taking over handlebars everywhere. You’ll see a big initial wave of them as cycling trendsetters bring them home but don’t expect them to be available forever — last year’s colours are sold out in many locations.

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