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The Best of the ELEMNT Bike Computer

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The season of giving has arrived. What’s on your (or your partner’s) list this year? For those stressing over what to get your gear-obsessed cyclist, we’ll help you out: the ELEMNT.

At Wahoo, we get really pumped when we talk about this ingenious device. It’s lightweight, but heavy on capabilities. It’s a turn-on-and-go bike computer packed with turn-by-turn navigation, live tracking, and app-connectivity. Plus, it’s small enough to stick in a stocking (just saying).

Like proud parents, we’ve covered the ELEMNT extensively across our blog. Check out our digital fridge front of the best of the ELEMNT and why we think it’s the perfect gift this holiday.

Photo: Jake Szymanski

1. Setting Up Your ELEMNT Bike Computer for Optimal Training

The ELEMNT is a powerful device with a ton of features. We put together a go-to guide for how to set up your ELEMNT in the way that works for each cyclist.

2. How the Wahoo ELEMNT Cured My Technophobia

Yuri Hauswald was a self-described “tech caveman.” When it came to cycling (or anything semi-electronic for that matter) he stayed far, far away. But when he met the ELEMNT, he went from gadget-shy to tech-guy almost overnight.

3. For Design to Ride: A Guide to the ELEMNT Bolt

The ELEMNT BOLT (the original ELEMNT’s sleek little brother) is a powerhouse machine made to simplify smart cycling. Here’s our guide to get the most out of your streamlined device.

4. #InMyELEMNT Wahoo Moments

One rider shared her thoughts and musings while using her ELEMNT on an enthusiastic pre-work ride with a colleague.

5. How Live Track Brings Peace of Mind

The Live Track feature on the ELEMNT has two objectives: make cycling fun and keep cycling safe. One Wahooligan describes how Live Track brought her sanity after her husband was hit by a car while riding.

6. 8 Reasons Why You Should Trade Up Your Bike Computer

The ELEMNT is our response to those cyclists who are tired of wires, headaches, and complexity when dealing with bike computers. We broke down the ELEMNT’s key features and how simple it is to set up.

We’ll be highlighting our gear all month on our blog, so stay tuned to for more on your favorite Wahoo products!

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